2 Social Media Site For Business | Best 2019

Number one question is: Which networks are worth posting on? Where should I be? Where should I bother? I mean you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, all these different sources!

What is the best social media for small business?

Where should you be? Two places. First one? Kind of obvious. 

Which social media channels should I use for my business?


Facebook has sort of become the new website for your business. You gotta have a Facebook page for a lot of demographics to take you seriously. The second network you should be posting on? Whichever one you happen to like. 

Honestly, if you are a Twitter junkie and Twitter is your jam, then do Facebook and Twitter.

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You love Instagram? Facebook and Instagram. Maybe Snapchat is your thing. Maybe you are a LinkedIn person - sometimes I meet those - and LinkedIn should be the other place you are. Basically whatever you liked the most after Facebook, that should be the second network you're on. Hate them all? Then be on whichever one you hate the least. 

What are the top 10 social media apps?

Now this is obviously a one-size-fits-all answer and it's not going to be for every person, or every industry. If you'd like a more specific answer for what you do, feel free to let me know. Reach out to me at social media strategy, or in the comments section, or wherever is easiest for you, and I'd be happy to give you an answer for that as well. Well if you enjoyed this article. I'll post lots more tips and tricks for doing social media Strategy for yourself, or for your brand, or for your business in the most efficient way possible. Thank you for visit!


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