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Yes, you can make more money on social media by selling less, and I'm going to tell you why right now. Thank you for visit my website, where I teach you how to do the best social media, in the least amount of time possible. Almost every small business that I've consulted asks, almost right away, "Why isn't anyone clicking on my posts?" And my answer? Because they don't like your posts. 

I had one client that was a medspa, where they do Botox injections and things like that, and they couldn't believe that nobody was liking and commenting and calling about their posts about "20% off Botox, today only!" These were great deals so why wouldn't they comment and like these? Well 1) Botox has a little bit of a stigma. "Hillary Smith" isn't going to be like, "Oh, yeah, I love Botox, I'm getting that," because, you know, they keep that to themselves. But, more importantly, all you were doing was selling to them. 

How can I increase my income without working more?

You were not giving them any content that they actually want. When we hear sales pitches as consumers, we tend to run. It's the old car salesman thing, you walk into the car salesman lot and somebody comes up right away and they're like, "Hey, let me get you in a car! What's it going to take to get you into a new car today!?!" And you just want to run, like, "Why did we come here? I hate this." 

Now if you've been to a car lot recently, you know that they'll kind of let you walk around a little bit, and then they'll just kind of say, "Hey (casually), you guys go ahead and browse around. If you need anything, I'll be right over here."

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What services can I offer to make money

They've changed it, because we don't like being sold to aggressively. You probably don't own a used car lot so let me give you a smaller example. Maybe you have a friend that sells a health product on Facebook, or some club that they're in, or clothing out of their garage, whatever it might be, that's all they ever post about. 

Have you ever unfollowed that person? I have. Even though I want to see the once-a-month post about their family, I just can't sit through all the sales pitches because I hate it. Maybe you have a friend that you've unfollowed, because all they do is post about politics. And you don't agree with them. You know what that is? They're trying to "sell you" their politics and you don't want to see it anymore. It's the same thing, selling, all the time. 

So what's the balance between how much you should sell, and not sell? I like to tell my clients to follow the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the time you should be posting things that your customers or clients like with out selling to them, at all! Then the other 20% of the time you can do what you need to do to actually get them to take action. That tends to be a pretty good ratio.

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How can a small business make more money?

Now, if until now you have been posting all sales content, changing 80% of it may sound a little daunting. Like, how do you come up with, what do they want to see? Think about things that benefit them, more than they benefit you or your business. 

By the way, offering 10% off does not benefit them more than it benefits your business, don't be fooled into that. If we go back to our Botox example earlier, it could be an article, about how Botox is save, and how Botox has been approved these different things. 

Give them value. Or it could just be a general skin care article, cause these are people that want to take care of their skin. It could come from somebody else, or it could come from your blog (if you have time to blog). In conclusion, start posting content your customers or clients want to see without selling to them most of the time, and people will start clicking on your posts. At least they should. 

Thank you so much for visit, where we teach you how to do the best social media in the least amount of time possible. Got something you want me to answer? Drop it in the comments. 


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