Why Isn't Anyone Clicking On My Facebook Posts? Fix a Mistakes

Have you ever wondered, "Why isn't anyone clicking on my posts? They're awesome!" Well today we'll answer that question. Thank you for checking out MY website where we teach you to do the best possible social media in the least amount of time. I have a friend named Rebecca. 

How do I get people to click on my Facebook ads?

Now she's a delightful person, and she has one of those businesses where you sell clothes out of your house. And that's all she ever posts about! "Oh look at this cute outfit!Buy it now! Hurry! Message me! And everything like that. I don't follow Rebecca on social media anymore. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make on social media is they just post sales sales content. 

And I don't mean like 20% off, although that counts. I'm talking about sales content: "Buy this! Hurry now! Get this!" Constantly begging your audience to buy something. Now if you think about radio, or TV, or magazines, you buy an ad there, you are buying an ad inside of some content that someone already wants to watch. They're already sitting down to watch a show on TV. 

You just slip your commercial in and hopefully they buy. In the sense of a Facebook page, you're kind of creating all the content, so you've got to show them other things they want to see, that don't ask them to buy anything. I recommend following an 80/20 rule. 

Eighty percent of the content should be stuff they want to see like HBO with no commercials, and then twenty percent can be kind of a sales pitch like QVC. That means out of every five posts, four of them should be awesome, entertaining, talk generating like 'Game of Thrones' that people want to tell their friends about and share. And then the other one out of five, that one can be selling jewelry or clothes or whatever it is that you might be selling.

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So some quick math, if you post about twelve times a month, that's about three times a week, ten of those posts should give more value to the person reading it, than they do to your company or your brand. Now the other two, go crazy, that's when you can ask them to buy, order, whatever those things are. Personally I think it should be more like 90/10 or 95/5, but 80/20 is a good place to start if you've been posting all business sales content so far. 

Why are my Facebook ads not delivering?

Now one more thing: you can do some subtle selling, and change those percentages a little bit. For example, I have a lot of restaurant clients, and we post a lot of videos and photos of food, and people love to see those. Now, even though they're sort of being sold to in those like, "Wow, look at this steak,"it's saying, "Why don't you come in and eat it?" We leave out the hard core call-to-action. 

It's not saying, "You better come get this steak today or else," or "Make your reservations right now." If you're a real estate agent you might, instead of sharing a listing that you have, you might actually just share a picture of this amazing bathroom and say, "You know what, this ismy dream bathroom. 

How do I fix boost unavailable on Facebook?

Who wants to chip in and help me buy it?" Nowhere do you say, "Call me about this listing," or anything like that. That's inferred. And if somebody wants to buy that bathroom or look at that house, they'll let you know. So start following the 80/20 rule, give people content they actually want to see without selling to them all the time, and you should start seeing more engagement, and clicking on your posts. And thank you for visits. 


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