How To Sell Event Tickets On Instagram

Hopefully you're watching this because you want to sell tickets on your Instagram profile. And I'm going to show you how using an easy integration. That way you don't have to send people somewhere else like to a Facebook event if they're already in Instagram. If that's where your audience is, that's where you want to sell your tickets. 

Alright? Let's get into it. What's up, busy people? Welcome to my website. If you have struggled with your social media marketing at all, you run into some problems, you're putting in more effort than the results that you're getting, you're in a great place. Every week we put out a quick video to help you with a different piece of your social media marketing strategy. you're going to know how to integrate Eventbrite with your Instagram profile so people can just click buy tickets right there in Instagram. 
And by the way, even if you're not selling tickets, you're just distributing tickets for a head count, but it's a free event this works for that too. So for this you're going to have to have a business profile on Instagram because you're going to have to use what's called an action button. And those are only available for business profiles. 

So if you don't have a business profile, there's a link in the description of this video that kind of explains what they are, whether or not you should have one, and how to switch it. So from your profile you're going to go ahead and click Edit Profile. And you're going to want to go to the bottom of the screen to Contact Options. 

In the same place where you put in your email, your phone number, your address if you're a brick and mortar. You're going to click Add an Action Button. And Action Buttons are all kinds of different third party software tools that you can integrate and have a button for right on your Instagram profile. 'Cause normally you can only have the one link on your Instagram profile. 

So this is basically a way to add another link, but it does have to be one of these approved third party software programs. So for events you're going to choose the Eventbrite integration. Tap it, hit next. Then you're going to type or paste your Eventbrite link to the event that you want to promote tickets for. You actually don't even have to sign in to Eventbrite. 

So it doesn't even have to be your event. It can be any event you want, but it does have to be on Eventbrite. So you paste that in, hit done. Just like that. You can see it says Action Button: Get Tickets. I go back to my profile and now it's been added there. I have Email or I have Get Tickets. If I tap it, loads the event page and people can get 'em right here without having to leave Instagram, which is a much better way to convert. 
And yes, it works for free events on Eventbrite. And the nice thing is, if you're just doing tickets as registration, Eventbrite doesn't charge you any fees. Once that's all set up, then when you're talking about your event on your posts or in your Instagram stories all you have to do is say go to our profile, click Get Tickets. Simple as that. If this article was helpful consider giving it a like, leaving a comment,. You're not only supporting me at website, but also my two tiny superheroes at home. Thank you so much for visit.


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