How to Make Cover Video on Facebook Page From Mobile Friendly 2019

You pretty much get one chance to make a good impression when somebody visits your Facebook page And you can do it perfectly with a Facebook Cover Video. Here's how to set it up Welcome to my website Social Media Strategy,  I'll teach you how to do the best possible social media in the least amount of time If this is your first time watching first of all, thank you, welcome and thank you for checking it out. If you've read other article before, but you haven't take a second to share please do. 

So thank you again for all your support Let's get into Facebook Cover Videos Desaign, by the end of this article you'll know how to make a fully optimized Facebook Cover Video including what size it should be and how long it should be. It can take a lot of work to get somebody to your Facebook business page. 

Somebody may have even liked your page and they may even see your posts in their feed, but have never actually visited your page. They may not have liked your page, but somebody might have shared your page Whatever it is by the time they get to your facebook business page you want to make sure they get a great first impression and if you have a great Facebook cover video, they're almost forced to watch it. 

Facebook cover template - Now you may already have a video about your business, and you just think, "Oh I'll just upload it I know how to do that." But it's probably not ideal for Facebook cover videos. First of all it's probably the wrong size. And I mean dimension wise not file size which means that important parts might get cut off. 

The article you already have might be too long or too short which means it won't work at all. The article you're thinking about uploading may require sound and while Facebook cover videos can have sound, most people will view them without sound, so if sound is essential it's not a good Facebook cover video. 

So really think twice before just uploading a Facebook cover video that's some video that you already have. A still photo may be better for your business than a video that's not optimized for that placement on your page, So if you're gonna create a Facebook cover video, start thinking about what you want potential customers to know about you Imagine you're in an elevator with them for 15 seconds.

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Facebook cover template psd - That's all you've got What do you want them to know before they get off at the 10th floor. If you're a restaurant you probably want to show them videos or pictures of your food. If you're a personality you probably want to show them clips of you being you, or things that represent your brand. If you're a wedding photographer probably want to show some of your best wedding photos you've taken or maybe it's video of you behind the scenes of couples having fun with you as you take their pictures. 

How do I make my cover photo fit on Facebook Mobile?

Create Video 

So first decide what should be in your video. When you create your video the dimensions are really important and Facebook gives you two sets of numbers And I'm found that one of them works really well and the other one is terrible. 

Facebook will say the minimum size should be 820 by 312 pixels and the recommended size is 820 by 462. Now logically you always go, okay well I want to create the biggest possible size for the best possible quality, at least that's the way my instincts go, but in my experience you're better off producing the Facebook cover video at the minimum size, so it's the same width, but the screen will be a little bit shorter but that means it won't get cropped off on any of the potential platforms, or devices that people will watch it on. 

Now I mentioned that your video shouldn't require sound but go ahead and take some time to add sound just in case people do have the sound on. I've never seen a silent film that wasn't better with music or sound of some sort. The video needs to be a minimum of 20 seconds long and a maximum of 90 seconds long. 

I'd suggest keeping it closer to the 20 second mark perhaps with a call to action at the end if it's gonna be closer to the 90 second limit, then make sure that the beginning, by about the 10-second mark, you've given them something really cool to keep watching for. 

Maybe the video is like, "Top 4 Reasons to Not Hire Me as a Social Media Coach and Consultant Now that's kind of a catchy title because it's not what you'd expect for a article for me to say and then assuming the first one on the list of four is good, you'll probably watch to find out what the second third and fourth one are. 
Once you've got your Facebook cover video all set uploading is easy. Hover over your cover photo and you'll see change cover show up up here. From the drop-down choose "Upload Photo/Video, find the video on your hard drive Once it's up, it'll automatically start playing, you can drag it to reposition it if there's room to do that. This one I made the minimum size so it does not drag it all. 

Choose a Thumbnail

Once you've got an in position click "Next" Down here on the lower left you can choose whether you want the video to loop or not You can also choose a thumbnail here. You'll have ten options. You can cycle through Hit publish and you're done! A couple other things to know: the video will autoplay when somebody goes to your page So they may not even be staring at it until they're 2 or 3 seconds into it.

Now if somebody's Facebook account is set so that videos don't auto-play they will see the thumbnail that you've chosen. So make sure to choose a great thumbnail for your video Kind of like whatever you would have had as your cover photo on Facebook before you had your cover video, because that's what they're gonna see. 

They'll also see that if they watch the whole video and you don't have it on loop that'll be the photo that shows up at the end. So go ahead and get started creating your Facebook cover video. You can do it in just about any video editing software. Now if your software doesn't allow you to specifically determine the dimensions before you start, go ahead and just make it widescreen. You just have to adjust text and things like that so that it looks good o any device. 

Once you've uploaded it make sure to try and watch it on a computer, a tablet ,and on a smartphone so that you know that it looks good on every single possible platform. Thanks for visit article about facebook cover design.


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