How do you send audio on Instagram? and Facebook?

Wondering how to share media on your social media for a podcast, music, whatever else it might be? Sharing links, texts, videos, photos. That's easy on social media. Today, I'll show you an easy way to share audio on your social media, all right? Let's get in... What's up, busy people? Welcome to my website. If you have been frustrated by your social media, feeling like you're putting in way more effort versus the results that you're getting back, you're in a great place. Every week, we release a quick article to help you with a different piece of your social media marketing strategy.

My name is aris pue. If you are a podcaster, a radio host, a musician, anyone who creates audio, you may have noticed that audio is the one type of content, that's kinda been shoved aside by all the social media networks.

Today I'm gonna show you a tool that makes it not only easy to share your audio on social media but also have it look fantastic. What I'm showing you today is the headliner video app and I'd already been using it for months so when they reached out to me to see if I would make a video about it, I was pumped. So thanks to Headliner for sponsoring this article. It's super easy. Go to You can create a free account right away. Once you're logged in, this is the home screen you're gonna see. Audiogram Wizard, that is to turn an audio clip into a video with a wave form. That's one of the things we're gonna look at today, as well as Full Episode, Video Transcript. It'll actually take your video's audio and create captions for you. Article to Video.

Can I post an audio file on Facebook? - It'll actually take an article, you can paste a link and it'll take the text and find corresponding images and create a video and then Find My Content. You can pre-fill a video based on whatever you upload. So the main two we're gonna focus on today though, because this is about sharing audio on social media, is the Audiogram Wizard or Full Episode.

So to start, I'm gonna go ahead and click on Audiogram Wizard. I'm gonna go ahead and upload my audio. You can use an mp3 file or a wav file. Then you got a couple options down below. One, audio transcription. Yeah, I'd like you to do a transcription. And then you choose the language of the transcription.

So it is in English. I hit next. Now, depending on how long your audio is, for this feature, it's gotta be 10 minutes or less. Of course, if you're gonna share it on social media, you probably want it a ways under 10 minutes. So right down here at the bottom, you can choose, for example, a tweet can be up to two minutes and 20 seconds. Instagram is up to a minute. Instagram Story is 15 seconds. Snapchat 10 second clips. Facebook 10 minutes. I'm gonna go ahead and choose Instagram Stories 'cause that's where I would be likely to do this. And that gives me a 15 second limit. And now I can move this around and decide where I want it to go.

How can I share a mp3 on Facebook? -  my clip that I want is right here. And it's actually a little under 15 seconds, so 15 seconds will give you that limit, but you don't have to do exactly that. You can still drag and drop to wherever you want it to be. That's kind of there as a guide if you're gonna put it on Instagram stories. So I can say I'm under 15 seconds. Once I've got my clip where I want it, I go ahead and click next. Next I'm gonna choose my aspect ratio. They even give you little clues down here.

So best for YouTube and websites is landscape. Square works really well quite a few places, actually. But of course I already decided I'm gonna share this on Instagram stories, so I'm gonna choose portrait. Hit next. Now I can choose the wave form that I want on there. So there's all these different types of wave forms that you can have or you can choose none if you don't want any wave forms on there.

Then you can choose where you want them to be, top, middle, padded at the bottom or at the bottom. I see most people put them at the bottom. I'm gonna go ahead and do that. Then you can actually choose the color. Because I can, I'm gonna go ahead and choose my brand color for this. So if you know your brand color's hex code or RGB.

How do you send an mp3 on Instagram DM? - So that's the orange that's in my logo. And by the way, even though we chose the wave position from the drop down menu, you can still move it to wherever you want. You can drag the corners if you want it to be in a very specific place or a very specific size.

So really a lot of creativity can go into this. And then you can add a background image. Go ahead and use a photo of myself. Crop it the way you want. Once you've got everything set the way you want, you hit create project. Then it's gonna load your project. And if you've ever used any sort of audio or more specifically video editing software, this should look really familiar. So down here at the bottom, you've got multiple tracks. Here's a text track, another text track, media, that is of course the image, and then the audio.

What is the best social media platform for audio streaming - So as you can see the transcript popped up now. I can go through and click on these  and edit them if I don't like the way it looks. The transcription is obviously done by a computer or an algorithm or whatever so it's not perfect but it's pretty close. So you get your text exactly the way you want it so that they'll show up on the screen there. If you decided you didn't want your transcript there, you could obviously just turn it off really quick, but I want it on 'cause a lot of people do view social media without the sound on. Then under style, you can go through and choose different caption styles.

So you can see the default is kind of over a transparent black background. You can also come in and customize it if you want. So for mine, I'm gonna go ahead and use my other brand color. I'm gonna choose a font that I like and by the way, you can actually upload custom fonts so if you have a very specific font that you use for your brand, you can upload that as well.

But all kinds of different options in here to get everything looking exactly the way you want. Now that I have that, I also I think wanna move these down, 'cause I want them to sit right above where my wave form is. Now let's go back and see how that looks. So I can see how that looks, and I actually like the way it looks but if I wanted to change something, I can just click on it down here in the timeline log. Let's say I wanted the wave form to be a little smaller or lower.

So I can click on that. It'll open my wave form editor. And just like we did before, I can move it around. I can change the size a little bit. So, once you've got everything set the way you want, come over, hit export. If you do a lot of videos in here and you have a custom intro or outro, you can actually add it, which is really, really cool. Or both.

What is the best social media app for sending big video or audio- Choose the quality. We're gonna say high.The frame rate. The email address, 'cause this is where it'll email you whence the video is all ready to go and then of course here is the video size, which you chose before. I'm gonna go ahead and do it in Vertical HD2, which is 1080 by 1920 which is what they prefer for Instagram stories. Then hit export and off it goes. I'll get a notification when it's done and if I need to walk away or whatever else, then it'll email me when the track is ready as well.
Oh, couple other features I wanna show you too. So up here, I can click on media. And you see there's that image. And you can also add other media if you changed your mind. You went, oh, I don't like this picture anymore but you can also add a watermark. So, for example, I can go through and add my own logo. Obviously I don't need it to be that big, Up like that for a a little additional branding. Add watermark. And mix it in, there it goes. And then under style, they have a background color you can choose which is helpful, especially if you weren't going to necessarily use an image in the background like I have.

So in just a second, I wanna show you how the project turned out. But first, I wanna show you one other feature here and that is Full Episode. So if you have a longer audio program, podcast would be probably the most common and you wanna turn it into a video with some visuals, you basically go through the same steps. Upload your audio project.

How to share my voice recordings on Facebook - Remember on the other one it could be up to 10 minutes? Well this one can be up to two hours. Hit next. Choose your aspect ratio, your size. Next and then same thing again. Choose how you want it to look, background image, color, everything is all just like you had it before, only this time, this is the last step. And then once you hit export, it'll render it on its servers and then it'll email you when it's ready and that way way you can upload your full podcast to a video platform. All right. Let's go back and see how the one I made turned out.
So as I mentioned, Headliner has free version that'll be free forever and you can do up to 10 videos per month. It includes transcription, 1080p so there's no low res garbage that some companies throw at you in the free version. Really fantastic. Or Headliner Pro which is only $12.95 a month. It gives you unlimited videos, customer watermarks. You saw the way I added my logo and access to all kind of videos and image clips that you can utilize with your audio clips, including Getty editorial images, which is like celebrity images and things like that. Normally these cost a fortune.

So you can save your brand into a reusable template, the custom intro and outro videos. So this is for a power user and this is what I use  'cause I'm creating lots of video all the time. Thanks to for sponsoring this tutorial. Got any comments or questions about what we covered in this tutorial?  If so, let me know in the comments. anchor fm and anchor podcast login


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