How do I create an Event on Facebook App 2019? For Business

How do I create an event on Facebook app? - By the end of this video you're gonna know exactly how to create a Facebook event from a smartphone, as well as some best practices to keep in mind as you go. All right? Let's get into it! Hello, busy people! Welcome my website! If you have been struggling with social media in your business, you feel like you're putting way too much time in and it feels like a waste 'cause you're not getting anything in return, you're in a great place. My name is aris pur, and today I'm gonna show you how easy it is to schedule a Facebook event from your smartphone

If you're looking to create the event from your computer instead, I've linked to a very popular tutorial for that in the description of this. So I'm doing this on an iPhone, but Android is very similar. I'm gonna show you two apps you can do this in. First of all, I'm in the regular Facebook app and I came to my business page. 

I'm gonna tap this more menu on the upper right, then I'm gonna tap events, and now here I can tap create event. And that's where we'll start. The other thing you can do is use the Facebook Page Manager app, and if you're not familiar, this one is perfect for managing business pages all in one place. So in this app you can see right underneath where it says watch video, that's my call to action button, I hit events, and then it goes right into create event. You can see right at the top, your page's cover photo will become the default image, but of course I can tap this camera icon on the right, choose an image from my camera roll. 

How do I create an event on my Facebook page?

By the way, your event photo is gonna be 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, so basically a wide-screen photo. So anything you take with your phone that's taken in landscape, should fit pretty well. Now I want you to avoid the temptation to put an image in with a bunch of text. Facebook doesn't like images with more than 20% text, so if you create an image with a bunch of details on your image, it's going to lose reach in the Facebook algorithm. 

When you choose your title, make sure to keep it as short as you can and leave the most important part at the front. So let's say you are having a brewers' night at a restaurant. You don't want to have the third annual there at the beginning. Just skip right to brewers night, and then if you want to, in parentheses, you could have third annual. 

So since this is my page, let's go ahead and put in Social Media Masterclass. So right under host you're gonna tap that to choose the date. Facebook events do have a recurring event or repeat event option, but it is available only in the desktop, so you have to create that on the computer if you wanna do that. Since this is a business page, they're assuming your location is public, so just go in and search for where it is. Sure, University of Washington. 
That's where I'm teaching. And then people will be able to click on that in your event. Then you can add details. This is where your description about the event is going to be. When this comes up in someone's feed, they're only gonna see one or two lines to start. So again, similar to when we did the title, don't waste a bunch of time in the description on fluff. In fact, I would write two quick lines and assume those are the only two people will see, then you can come back and give it more. So put the most important part first there in the description. 

Below that you're gonna select a category, 'cause this may help you get more reach by showing up in similar events. So you can see there's quite a few choices there and if nothing works, you can always say other. Then you can select keywords, if it makes sense, but unfortunately they have to be keywords that already exist. You can't just add your own keywords. Now if you have tickets, you wanna tap on the ticket URL and you can link to your ticket URL, whether it's on your website or Ticketmaster or Eventbrite, whatever it might be. 
If your event has any co-hosts or sponsors that you trust, you can tap co-hosts and add them in here. Just know that they'll have editing privileges and be able to add the event the event to their calendars. So again, make sure it's somebody that you trust. And then this last option down here, this is you deciding whether or not, when somebody comes to the event, then they post, if it shows up automatically, or if you have to approve it before it goes up. 

How do I schedule a Facebook event? - I usually start with it off, and then if the event for some reason becomes a problem, then maybe I'll add it back in. And just like that, we're all set! I hit create, and it's up. And immediately on my business page it shows up as a post here. From here I can share it, share it to my personal page or private message it to people. I can also decide if I wanna put some money behind it. Then I would hit promote event and then I could go ahead and boost it. All right, once you've created your event, you need to get people to it, right? 


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