How do I create a classroom page on Facebook?

How do I create a classroom page on Facebook? - Wondering how to teach in Facebook groups? Facebook group units are a great tool to organize your lessons. By the end of this video, you'll know exactly how to use them. What's up busy people? Welcome to my website. If you have struggled with your social media or maybe you had figured out social media on your to-do list fro a long time but you keep just shoving it down because you don't know where to start, you feel overwhelmed, you don't have enough ideas, you're in the perfect place. 

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How do I create a classroom page on Facebook?

So today, we're talking about how to teach in a Facebook group. What we're looking at inside of a Facebook group are learning units. And in some groups, I've noticed that it's called learning and in other groups it's called units. 

So, you might see learning or you might see units in the menu. And what it does, is allows you to organize content into units. So, in our Frustrated to Fearless, how to build a social media marketing plan like a pro course, all of the note downloads and the replays were all organized in here so somebody could come in say, oh I off final week four and pick them up. 

But you could use these to organize anything you wanted, any type of content that you have in a Facebook group as opposed to somebody having to use the search tool to find something or just scroll and aimlessly to get to whatever it is they're looking for. Let's talk about how to set them up. 
Do teachers use Facebook? - First, you want to go to more here and edit group settings and you scroll down under sections social learning units. If this is add, you wanna tap add to add it, if it says remove, that means you've already got it. Once you've got that setup, head to the learning or units tab on the left, and the main way to set this up is on a computer. If you're trying to do it on a mobile device, Facebook is not really given the tools to do that quite yet. 

So now, I'm in my learning tab, I can click more settings and within here, you've got a few things. One, show progress. This is where people can see which units they've completed, which ones they haven't. You can allow members to share when they complete a unit if you wanna kind of track success and you can make the learning tab the default tab instead of discussion if you want to by checking that box. And then, once you have your units, you can re-order them here. Let me take you into a group that doesn't have any units yet so you can kind of see how that looks. And my first step would be to create a unit. 

What is a teaching group? - So, this might be unit one, how to optimize your Instagram profile, then you can add a description in this box if you'd like to. Down here, there's a check mark. If some units are required, then you can make certain ones optional. I go ahead, hit create unit and now it's here. Now, I can go in and I can add all kinds of different media. You can upload video files, PDFs, documents, all kinds of different things.

So, you'd click in here and title it, maybe it's lesson one, the ideal profile picture then you can say, in this lesson, and if it's a video lesson like I said, you can add videos, you can upload files, you can create an event, all kinds of everything,just like you would do in a normal post anywhere on Facebook. And you can schedule them as well if you want to. As you can see, you can have more than one thing within a unit, and you can add lots of details. 

Can teachers be friends with students on Facebook? - So for example, this is a replay I put in here for a live course and I put in time codes so people can skip to certain parts. One more things, if you have had something in the general discussion of your group that you wanted to add to a unit, the simplest way to do it, you just the little down arrow here on the upper right of your post and then you can add it to a new unit or any of the previously existing units. 


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