How Can You Block Someone From Seeing Your Facebook Business Page?

Need to block somebody from your Facebook business page? First of all sorry to hear that, second of all most of the things on a Facebook business page are public by default and there is not a whole lot you can do about it. But if there is somebody that's giving your page trouble, there are some things you can and can't do in terms of removing them and we will run through them all right now. 

What's up busy people? Welcome to my website! If you have struggled with your social media marketing, feel like your are putting in all this effort and not getting anything in return, you are in a great place. 

My name is Aris Pur and today we are gonna show you where and how you can block somebody from your Facebook Business page. Sucks that you are in that situation, that it can't be just public and everybody just gets along, but sometimes it happens. Alright, I'm gonna show you a few different areas of the Facebook business page, coz if somebody just made some comments and they are probably not gonna come back, it's not an on going problem, you don't necessarily need to ban them from the page immediately. 

How do I block a business page on Facebook 2019?

But let's say somebody left a comment that I didn't like, I can come down here, I got a couple of options. You can go ahead and just delete the comment. But an alternative idea is simply to hide the comment,  so I click these three little dots next to the comment and then I can choose Hide Comment and what that will do, is it will just hide the comment from everybody  except, in this case this woman Jen, she'll be able to see it as well as her friends, but nobody else can see it. 

So, the reason that you do this is let's say somebody leaves some angry complaint and you just decide to delete it, well I've seen it where somebody then comes back and goes Oh, I see you are deleting my complaints now, so I guess I'll just start leaving 10 more, and next thing you know you got complaints and profanity and self across. All these different areas of your social media and you can't even keep up, but if you hide it, they got to vent and then you move on with your life. 

Another suggestion is if you are gonna hide it, but you want to address it, is first anybody who comments on your business page, you can actually send them a direct message. So go through and say Hey, I saw your comment about such and such, I'm sorry you had that experience whatever it might be and then come back and hide it. 

Can I block someone from a Facebook page? - So you kind of getting the best of both worlds. Worst case scenario, you can just delete it, you just run that risk of that person going a little crazy and deciding to post on 10 of your social media posts every day for the rest of your life because they have more free time than you do. So use it somewhat sparingly. 
Another thing people ask about all the time is what if I get a bad review, can I delete it? No!Reviews cannot be deleted! So you can either have your reviews on your page On or Off. You turn them off, then they are all gone, but one bad review cannot be deleted. Just like before, you can send them a private message or your options are to give feedback on this recommendation and if somebody posted nudity and a photo, or if it was unfair it wasn't relevant, it clearly wasn't about your business, you can click that and send it and if somebody saw it and they are like Oh you are plumber and this clearly about a restaurant, why is it here. 

There is Hate Speech Any of these types of things and you can report it. Somebody from Facebook will review it and possibly take it down. Now the last thing, if you just wanna get somebody off of your page, and they just aren't letting go. You deleted their comment and they did continue to post 10 times a day to drive you crazy. 

Well, in that scenario, you are gonna click Settings  at the top of your page, then on the left click People and Other Pages, search for their name, I'm using this person because this is an account I have access to, and so I wanna show you what they see on the other end once you have banned them. So I click their name, I come to this little gear icon and I click Ban From Page, says would you like to ban Jen Park? Confirm. Jen has been banned. 

To see a list of people banned, see your page settings. So now she has been banned. So now if I go to her account, visit my page again, she can still see it, kinda like a website. But if I come down here, you'll notice there is no option to  comment on anything. I can click for comments and I can read 'em, but she can no longer post to anything. 

And she did not get a notification saying hey you have been kicked off the page. If you ban somebody by accident, go ahead and go to the Banned People and Pages list click on them, and then you can un-ban them from the page. So that's how you ban somebody if they have liked your page, but what if they never liked your page? There's no easy way to like preemptively ban somebody because you think they are gonna do something bad. 

What happens when you ban someone from a Facebook page? - But as soon as they do comment or engage in some way, so here is our friend Jen again, I can click the three dots, I can click Hide Comment and then right there I can ban Jen Park. Got any questions or comments about what I showed you? Go ahead and leave them in the comments of this article and you might be interested in our my Facebook Facelift. All about how to optimize your Facebook Business page for profit. 


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