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If you've posted about your business on your personal page, you probably get a lot bigger reaction. So should you just post there? No, you should post both places, your personal page and your business page, but in a very calculated way. Let me explain why. Thank you for visit, where I teach you how to do the best social media, in the least amount of time possible.

If you're a small business owner you probably have at least 2 Facebook pages, you have your personal "profile" page, which is where you keep up with friends & family, and post pictures of your dinner maybe, I don't know, and then you have your business page, and that is where your business is represented on Facebook.

So which one should you post to? And when? Let's start with a little bit of background. Your personal page, or your "profile" as Facebook calls it, is your connection to friends and family. It's all people you know and it is a mutual agreement where you have decided to be friends with them and they have decided to be friends with you.

You probably get way more likes and comments on that page, and that's because it's a warm audience. These are people that already know you and like you. Meanwhile you've got your business or your brand page, or your "Page" as Facebook calls it, where people have "Liked" it.  It's less of a two-way relationship, and it'smuch harder to get comments, likes and reactions on there, even if it's the same people that you're friends with on your personal profile.

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Can you post on Facebook marketplace from a business page?

Why is that? Well, there are two reasons, and the good news is they're both in your control.

Reason #1 

you're not getting a lot of reactions and comments on your business page? Well, theoretically, it is a for-profit business and therefore you're going to make money off it - Facebook wants to make money off it too. So they want you to pay to reach those people. The good news is it can be extremely cheap to do that. That's not an option? Let's look at reason #2.

Reason #2 

You're not reaching people on your business page with more comments and reactions, Facebook wants to show people the best possible content so they don't leave the site and go to YouTube or somewhere else. There's a pretty good chance you've been scrolling through Facebook, or, mobile phone, scrolling through Facebook, however you scroll, and you've basically left and gone somewhere else because you're annoyed at what you're seeing.

Maybe it was the 4th of July and there were just too many pictures of fireworks. Maybe too many people posting pictures of their kids? Too many political posts. Whatever it is, you left, and Facebook hates that. So they want to show you the best possible stuff all the time so you stay as long as possible. Businesses and brand pages tend to post crappy content - a lot of sales pitches that people don't want to see. And that is why Facebook stops showing them.

So if you're not getting reactions on your business page, one of the reasons is your content is probably not as good. Now, back to the original question!

Focus, focus guys - Which should you post on, your personal page or your professional brand page? The answer is both, and here is how I would do it.

Your business page should be mostly for posts about your business, and your personal page should be mostly for posts that are personal. However, post your business stuff on your business page, and then share it to your personal page with a personal comment that makes it more real and authentic for your friends and family.

For example, if you're a real estate agent, you might post a link to a dream house on your business page that you happen to be selling and you have a listing for. Then maybe share it to your personal page and say, "Anyone who knows me knows that this house has my dream kitchen.

Let's all chip in and buy it," or something like that. Then your friends and family will go, "Oh yeah, that's funny, I want to see this kitchen that's YOUR dream kitchen. I wish I had an extra $200,000 to give you so you could buy it, that would be fun!" Whatever it might be, you're making it personal for your friends and family.

Plus, as they engage with the content on your personal page, that will help Facebook's algorithm show it to more people back over on your business page. It's legitimizing the content. It's making Facebook go, "Oh this is good content, this isn't a sales pitch, people like this stuff." Last thing real quick, make sure to plan our content so you're not always "selling" to people.

I like to follow the 80/20 rule, I've got a article about that and I have it down in the comments if you want to check that out. And I hope this helps you as you are planning your Social media strategy to help your small business, or non-profit, or your blog, whatever you're working on. Thanks for visit


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