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One of the biggest ways to save time on your social media is by batching tasks together. Today I'm going to show you three things you can do in groups to save you a ton of time. Welcome to my websites Social Media Strategy. If you've watched our other article, thank you for coming back, and if this is your first time, we teach people how to do the best possible social media in the least amount of time. 

Today is all about batching your tasks. By the end of this article, I'm going to show you 3 different tasks that you, right now, probably waste a ton of time on, but if you group them together, and batch them, you will save hours every month. 

I know that I do, and my clients do, by following these methods. If you stop and think about it, figuring out what to post takes a ton of time. You open Facebook and you think, "Okay, what am I going to post today, let me look for something to share, oh Read at this article! 

What is the best social media scheduler?

This is cute! Puppies!" Next thing you know you've gone down the Internet rabbit hole and you've gotten nothing done. 

Planning All You Posts

The first task you can batch together to save time is planning all your posts. Set up a Content Calendar. By planning your posts out a month in advance (or even just a week) will save you a ton of time, because you don't all of a sudden go, "Oh I haven't posted anything for my brand or my business in 2 days! What am I going to put up today!?!" And then you put something up in a panic that does you know good whatsoever. 

Also planning ahead of time forces you to have a strategy for your posts, so you're not just posting the same types of things over and over again. And, most importantly, so that you're not constantly selling to your followers, that you're actually giving them value as well so they wanna hang out - and to game the Facebook algorithm as well. 

Actually Scheduling Your Posts

The 2nd task that you can batch together to save a ton of time is actually scheduling your posts. Now if you think about it, let's say you do 3 posts a week, about 12 posts a month, it's much faster to sit down once and schedule out 12 posts than it is to do one every 2-3 days.  What is the best social media management tool 2019?

First of all, you save time just by opening the proper tabs, whether you're creating an image in Canva, or Photoshop, or you're opening your Facebook and your Twitter page or whatever it might be. So by scheduling them all at once that saves you many, many hours in a month. 

How do I become a social media manager for a small business? - Now Facebook Business Pages have scheduling built it, but outside of that you can use whatever scheduling software you like. My favorite is Buffer and I've got a whole video about how to use that and I'll put it in the comments down below. 

Save Any Photography or Videography

And the 3rd task that you can batch together to save a ton of time is any photography or videography you're doing. For example, I shoot these Five Minute Social Media Videos, I release a new one every Thursday, but I certainly don't film them every week. 

In fact if you go back, you'll see that I've got this same shirt on in a bunch of different videos. And frankly, if you're watching me for the fashion, you're on the wrong channel. So batch all of this together. For me doing this article, I set up the camera, the microphone, get all my notes ready. I have a diffuser over the window because I'm using natural light. All these things take time to set up.

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Which social media tools are the most useful for business? - Now you can do it and batch them all out at once. I usually try to do 4-5 videos at a time, or even 8-10 if I'm capable and have enough to be that prepared. I'm not always that organized, but I try to be. Maybe you're a photographer, or you take pictures for your posts. 

If you have pictures of a product or something like that, don't take a picture and post it right away. Sit down and take 50 pictures, and then you have a whole library. So there you go, 3 tasks you're probably already doing for your social media, that if you batch them together you can save a ton of time. Hopefully this article helped you. 


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