Add Another Admin to your Facebook Business Page | 2 Admin and More

Need to add another Admin to your Facebook business page? By the end of this video you'll know how to give somebody else access to your Facebook business page - to help with posting, replying to messages and comments - but we'll also go through what levels of access you can give them. You don't want to always give them the highest level of access or they could literally kick you out of your own page! Alright let's get into it.

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My name is arispur and today I'm going to show you how to add an Admin or other page roles so people can help you out with your Facebook business page. I work at an agency and we have to do this for client pages all the time. 

Add another Admin to your Facebook Business Page

Click Settings

To start you're gonna go to the upper right hand corner and click on Settings. Then on your settings page over here on the left menu you are going to look for Page Roles. Click on that and it will show you, so for this Dog Gone IT Facebook page, that's just a mock page that I put together for tutorials, you can see down here I am the only admin. But if I was going to add a new role - so right here it says Assign a New Page Role.

Add Somebody New

This is where I would add somebody new. I would click here and I can either type in the email address for them (although it's got to be the email address associated with their Facebook account) or you can type in their name if you have some sort of connection to them already on Facebook. Sometimes I've had to be friends with the person to get their name to come up and other times I haven't. 

Choose Type Admin

So type in a name, select somebody and then over here is where you're gonna choose their role You've got Admin, Editor. Moderator, Advertiser and Analyst. They used to have one more - they used to have Live Contributor where somebody could just do Facebook Lives but they took that away. I guess it must not have been getting used very much. So Admin is the top level. It gives them access to absolutely everything. Unless this is somebody else who owns your business or that you implicitly trust, I would not give anybody else Admin access to your page.

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Next level down is Editor. The Editor can do just about everything that an admin can - can send messages, can publish posts, respond to and delete comments, create ads, all kinds of different things - view insights, all of those things are available to an Editor. That's probably what you'll need for most people. 


Below that is a Moderator. The Moderator can't post to the page at all but they can send messages and reply to and delete comments on the page. They can create ads, view insights, reply to Instagram comments on the page. So if you had a community manager, someone that was helping you reply to notifications, that's a great level. 


Below that is Advertiser They can see which Admin created a post or comment and then they can create ads and then they can view insights or analytics. So this is somebody that's just gonna be buying ads for the page, not creating posts, not replying to anybody or anything like that. And finally Analyst is just somebody who can essentially view insights and analytics. 

So pick your level that you want them to be. then click Add. Because you are adding something important they want you to put your password in again. It sends that person a request you'll go ahead and see them down here at the bottom but you'll see it says Editor, it has the name and then it says Pending. 
And then you can cancel the invitation too. Once they accept it they'll show up here under your Page Roles. Now if you wanted to change somebody's page role you could click edit and then it would allow you to change something. I am the only Admin on the page so it won't let me change anything there because the page has to have an admin, but this is where you would move somebody up or down or remove them if you wanted to do that. One last tip: if you can't find them via their name, try the email address. Again, sometimes one works and the other doesn't. Just make sure it's the email address that the person has on their page - and sometimes it's some old hotmail address that somebody set up ten years ago when they first opened their personal Facebook account so they might have to look it up themselves. They may not even know what email address is associated with it. Thanks For Visit


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