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Instagram Stories are fun, easy, and a great way to reach a massive audience. But, what if you can't schedule them at the ideal times? Well today I'm gonna show you how you can schedule your Instagram stories ahead of time and have them automatically publish when you want to. All right, let's get into it.

Hello, busy people. Welcome to my webstie. If you are frustrated with your social media marketing because you feel like you're putting out way more effort than you're getting back, you're wasting too much time, you're in a great place. Every week we put out a quick  article to help you with a different piece of your social media marketing strategy.

Today I'm gonna show you how to schedule your Instagram Stories from your computer ahead of time and to have them automatically publish when you want them to. No uploading, no notifications later on, it all happens automatically, all right. By the way, if you are looking for an overall tutorial on Instagram Stories,So if you've never used this program before, obviously first, you set up your account, that's free to do, and then connect your Instagram account. And the next thing you do is they have what they call a Gallery and you can actually keep  a bunch of your photos or video clips that you might use over and over again in here or you can upload a single thing for a new story or you can even build a story from scratch. But if you were gonna add things to your Gallery, I've got a couple in there, but I'm go ahead and Choose File To Upload, grab one of my brand images, pops in there.

How do you find the target audience on Instagram? - Now, if you wanted to build an empty story, I would click New Empty Story up here. I can start off by choosing a background color. And then all of the things that you are used to in Instagram Stories,  like all the stickers you can add are gonna be right here under Add. Click on that, and you've got a lot of very familiar ones. You can see some that are coming in the future but they've got quite a few.

How do you build your audience on Instagram?

Add Location

So you can add a location, you can @mention something, you can add a hashtag, a poll, ask questions, the slider responder, text of course, and then there's actually a couple they don't have in our regular Instagram Stories. One, you add a rectangle. Now there are ways around this by adding different gifs or emojis and making them big.

But with this you can actually add and resize a rectangle, make it into a square, change the color. So that's something that's actually not in the regular Instagram Stories,  at least not as of this recording. Another one is you can add an actual additional image on top of your current image if you have one. Actually, let's go back to my previous screen here.

So if I have, I'm gonna build one using one of these. So let's say I went ahead and wanted to use this image here, I would just click on it. They have a few options here, one, is templates. So let's start here. And what it does is it's pre-filled out with some text and different things, but the really cool part is they have these animations. So if you want your story to have a little bit of motion, you can add these animations to it which I think is super cool.

So if I want to do that one and then across the top here, so that's the Background and then there's also a Headline, that's the one at the top obviously. Teaser Text, that's the one in the middle. And then if you have the Swipe Up feature for a link you can add swipe up text to the bottom. In these templates, these cannot be moved, you can change a lot of things with the text. I don't have Swipe Up, so I'm going to go ahead and just delete that text.

So there are some cool things you can do within these templates. But if you're like me and you want to make it pretty much exactly the way you want to make it, well in that case, you're going to either do the New Empty Story or I'm going to just click on this like we did before to make it into a story and then I'm gonna click Edit. So it loads it up, you can see here the little circle the John Doe, the X, these are all things that appear over your stories when people watch them.

So they have those there as guides, so you don't accidentally put text or anything there. By default it will add background to your image based on the photo. But if you want you could also have it be a solid color like that. Anytime you don't like something you have an Undo button up here. I can also click on my image if I wanted it to fill the entire thing and I can drag it out. You can shrink it, you can move it around, you can grab this and rotate it if you want.

From this let's just go ahead and make it a full-screen image. Then we want to add things, remember how I said you can add an additional image. Let me just grab another image that I had handy. So I can actually sort of build a collage of some sort if you wanted. I could go in and add yet another image if I want. It automatically links to Unsplash which are free stock photos that you can use too if you were just looking for something, which I think is a neat feature.

So I don't want that, so I'm gonna click on that,  I'm gonna click little trashcan and that's gone. But I think what I'll do for this is I'll make a poll. So all of these work just like they do in Instagram Stories on your phone. But I'm starting off by adding a rectangle here, so I want to have a background to it. Let's go ahead and make it go all the way across like that. I'm gonna change the rectangle color. I'm go ahead and make it my brand color. And then on top of that I'm going to add a poll. And these are all fully interactive stickers just like within the app.

I've seen some tools to create an Instagram Story from your desktop, but it just basically lays them on the video and you can't click on a hashtag, it won't show up in hashtag search or anything like that. yes or No. Drop it in there if you try to change something or you saw a typo, you can Edit Sticker and go back in. And so there you have it. Like I said, you can do locations, questions, lots of features. And then some like gifs and weather are there and could be coming soon.

There is room for improvement in this program for sure, like being able to change the fonts here or different things like that. Once I've got my story the way I want it I'm gonna go ahead and hit Save. Then it's gonna take me to the screen, do I want to post it or schedule it. So I can go through and make sure the right Instagram account is chosen because you can add as many Instagram accounts to this as you want. Then if I have the Swipe up I can add the link that I want it to be there. And then I can choose, do I want to post it now or do I want to schedule it. So let's hit Schedule, it comes up with the exact time that I'm recording it. I'm gonna schedule it for one minute from now. So we'll hit Schedule. says successfully scheduled.

Can you select audience on Instagram? - Now if I come up here and click Schedule on the menu, you can see here it's Upcoming, in just a second we'll see it move on over to History. There it went. So now it's uploading automatically to my Instagram Stories. So let me pull up my phone here and let's go in and see if my story posted. Tap on it and there it is. And as you can see the poll is fully interactive.
So all of the elements actually work. So even though there are a couple of flaws, I really like this program and I only think it's gonna get better. As you can see here at the top of my screen it says, your plan free. So there is a free plan and you can do 10 posts on the free plan. Or if you want to upgrade because you're gonna be a power user of this, the 10 post limit is 10 posts per month. And if you do multi clip stories, that's not gonna get you very far. You can get a hundred posts per month though for only $15. And here's the other great thing, it's for unlimited Instagram accounts.

How do you reach your target audience? - So if you managed four or five accounts you can do them all from this same plan. And if you have team members, you can give them access to the same place, the same gallery to see everything that is scheduled. Your virtual assistant, your community manager, whoever it might be. I'm so happy that tool exists now. Got questions about anything we talked about today? Let me know down in the comments, we can chat there.


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