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Is scalping trading profitable? -- Hi everyone, will hear from my website, thanks again for joining me here on the article today, much appreciated. Now, when you look at this charts right now, what do you see? I used to look at this market and or the markets at the start of the session and think, what am I looking for? you know, which way am i trading, where's price going today, and why, and so on and I used to think, you know let me have a quick look at the hourly charts, let me have a quick look at the for our charts, the daily charts, maybe even the weekly charts and nothing. 

So I thought, let me add an RSI,  let me give a moving average a quick goal or a stochastic indicator and all of this would just lead around in circles and it just led nowhere and in the end, caused more confusion and I was like this for a while. 

Maybe a few of you guys like this now when do you were you know without a strategy in place, without a plan to follow, without a setup to look for and trade, and going back to the story I remember one day spotting what looked like a pattern, and I started to see this day after day, after day until I finally realized. it was actually happening regularly. 

So, I started making a note of when this occurred and I started trying to put rules in place and long story short I found an edge and I managed to build a strategy around the setup, and we're actually looking at my setup right now, and this setup occurs every single morning, and just under 65% of the time  so far it's achieved +2R, and sincefinding this all I do now is just take this one simple, repeatable trade, every day. 
Now, a few of you guys have learned the strategy and the setup that we trades together here on pound dollar which is great, and you'll be about to take the exact same trade as I am here on the market this morning, but for the handful of you guys that can't see the setup on screen right now, again, literally all we do is wait for the setup just after the open, take just the one trades (as we're about to hear, live, in just a second) and we place our stop place our target and walk away, simple as that. 

What is the best time frame for scalping? - Completely mechanical, completely rule-based, and at actually go as far as to say it's difficult not to trade the strategy profitably, it genuinely is. Right, so we have the set up in front of us. I'm going to get sure it's here on the computer. stop above the high…  +2R target, and …. that's as done. Now, believe it or not I mean it's you know it's a few minutes after 7:00 in the morning today and we're actually done out for the day in regards to this market. all we have to do now is let this trade play out, record the results, and then on to tomorrow's trade, and trade and we literally just repeat, you know, so, we're completely removing the the guessing…. the predicting, the worrying, we don't do any of that. we just execute, and we walk away, just it couldn't be any simpler. 

What is the best strategy for forex trading? - Anyway, I'll stop talking for now and let's let this trade play out. Great, okay, so there we go, great stuff.  that's another +2R in the bank and that's it, on to tomorrow's trade, and and we'll do the same again. I mean, in reality it's quite a boring way to trade, you might think, but, we're here to make money aren't we, and this strategy consistently pays us, as all of you guys who are trading this with me we'll know already, so all we have to do is be robots, take the trade and that's it. on to tomorrow trade. Anyway, thanks for watching guys, I hope you enjoyed watching me take the trade, live, rights in front of you, and I'll be back with another content soon.

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