Can you still make money on Amazon FBA 2019? Success Stories Generate $30,000 a Month

Can you still make money on Amazon FBA 2019? - Is gonna walk us through how he finds products that generate $30,000 a month, with his Amazon, FBA product research methods, that he shares with thousands of his students. - Absolutely, yeah, we're gonna go into some really advanced stuff in this article, that nobody else is sharing, so I hope you guys are ready, because we're gonna show you exactly how myself and thousands of my students have been able to use these Amazon FBA product research methods to find them products that make $30,000 every month like clockwork. ,

Alright, so we are hopping to Kevin David's computer and he's gonna show us these Amazon FBA product research methods for how he finds products that are insanely profitable. - Yeah, so the two main ways to find products to do product research on Amazon, Amazon FBA product research, is using Jungle Scout and using Viral Launch, right? Nowadays, I use Viral Launch. I found out they're a little bit more accurate. They tend to have a little bit more, kind of, advanced filters and options to do product research in different ways. What I was finding with Jungle Scout and some of the other competitors was, everyone's doing product research in the same way, and if everyone does product research in the same way, then everyone buys the same products.

And so, what we're gonna talk about in this article is we're gonna talk about some interesting, unique, advanced ways to actually do Amazon FBA product research the right way, and to do so in ways that not everyone is doing so you can actually find products that no one else is seeing, right, 'cause I always tell my students this. Whoever goes deepest down the rabbit hole of product research, wins. 

How do I find items to sell on Amazon FBA?

Ah, okay. - So, what we're looking at right now is inside of Viral Launch, this is their product discovery tool. Their product discovery tool is their web app, right? It's kinda like the main beast beyond all product research. It goes through millions of Amazon products to show you the best results. This is their brand search tool, so what we're gonna look at right now is successful Amazon brands. 

Most product research tools look for specific products. This product research tool looks for specific brands. If we look right here, we can actually order and organize all of the millions of brands on Amazon by their growth rate, right? A label depicting their rate in which the product has increased sales over the past six months, so we are only gonna look at people who are in insane mode for a growth rate, and we're only looking at people with a success level in the top 1%. 

How does this brand sales volume compare to the rest of the brands in the top level category? For example, show brands that are in the top 1% of their category, example, beauty and personal care, right? So what we've done is we've looked at specific categories that I've proven to be most profitable for Amazon FBA private label sellers, which is all of us who are trying to make money on Amazon, and then we're only gonna be looking at incredibly fast growth brands in the top 1% from success level standpoint, with sales relative to everyone  else, and then lastly, the average review count for the brand, right? Average total review quantity for the brand's products, all the different products, all of the averages of all of their product review, less than 79, and the reason I do that, right, is because you can do this 49, 54, I like to compete against brands and go into new product research or new product niches for brands and for products who have very few reviews. 

do amazon fba sellers make money

Reviews are the hardest thing to overcome as a new seller, so what we're gonna look at is brands that are having insane growth, a ton of success in the most profitable categories, who have very low reviews, right? So what we're gonna do is we're gonna press show brands here and Viral Launch is going to do all of the heavy lifting for us, right? So, we see a lot of different stuff. 
Mountain hardware, Berkley, right, and if we wanna view this brand on Amazon, all we have to do is click that one little button, right, and we see that they have like, fish rulers, and like, oh, so this is a fishing company, it looks like, but they have some other stuff. Fluorocarbon fishing line, right, so, basically, they have fishing accessories. 

The cool thing is, we're now lookingat all of their products, so if we click the little market intelligence tool, which is the amazon fba keyword tool chrome extension that goes along with the Viral Launch web app, what we can see is all of the different monthly revenue for their product, so they have, like, 80 grand a month, but it has 619 reviews, so we wouldn't wanna get in there, right, and so what we see from most of these, like, again, 150 grand a month, that's too much and I don't like to get involved in that because, you know, there's a lot of hijackers and people trying to like, bring you down and stuff, and again, 375 reviews, 750 reviews, this is a brand and a product niche that I would stay away from, right.

So, let's take a look at another one here. We see Starter, a lot of sports and outdoors. Here's one, industrial, scientific, Flagship Carpets. You can do a detailed analysis where Viral Launch like, tells you specific things, and we'll look at a quick look at this piece. It is important, and so what the, while this, okay, here we go, sales year over year, they've grown 327%, right, average price change, they've made the price a little bit lower for their products, sales trend over the last 90 days improved significantly, right, they have 264 products, very very interesting kind of metrics here.

Monthly revenue's three million a month, which is crazy, right? - That's nuts. - Lots of really cool stuff here, but I wanna take a closer look at them actually on Amazon. So, we're gonna click into view on Amazon here, we're gonna close some of these out, and so now, we're gonna take a look at, this is all of Flagship Carpet's actual products, so, again, if we run the market intelligence tool, here, we see some pretty ridiculous numbers straight out the boat, right. 

So, look at the review quantity here. $33,000 a month, nine reviews, right. 20,000 a month, two reviews, this is probably one of the craziest products I've ever seen. $187,586.60, four reviews, right, so, like, let's take a look at what the heck it actually is. Happy world rug. So, happy world rug, right here. So, Flagship Carpets, Happy World Rug Promotes Acceptance with Cheerful Friends of Diverse Backgrounds, this is doing $187,000 a month on Amazon. 

Look at that, I could literally design a better product, like a better carpet, in Photoshop in 30 seconds with just my left hand and a blindfold over both of my eyes, like, no offense, Flagship Carpets, 'cause I'm watching you guys obviously killin' it, but like, wow, somebody hire a designer for you guys, because you'd be making 10 million a month instead of three. So, this is just a great example of how I like to do product research, right. 

How do I find my product ranking on Amazon?

Instead of just finding one product that's successful, I've taken out multiple steps in the process and now I've found an entire brand whose overall brand presence, and, you know, all of the different products that they're selling on Amazon have an upward trend. They're in the top 1% of their category. They have insane mode growth, right, and then what the cool part is, when we look at all of their different products, here, we can get a bunch of different ideas for products, rather than just seeing one product, we're looking at like, what 10 or 20 different products, many of which have, you know, $88,000 per month with four reviews, 189,000, 179,000, 169,000, all of these have less than 10 reviews. 
This is honestly probably one of the most insane brands I've ever seen in my entire life, and we're showing it live in front of hundreds of thousands of your fans, so maybe I'm gonna regret showing this instead of just like, I was bold in launching a Flagship Carpets loan company, but that's just one example, guys, like let's take a look at some other stuff. Like, Taylor Made Products, you guys have probably heard of them, it's a golf brand, I think, right? I always thought that was Wiz Khalifa's brand when I was younger (laughs) Taylor Made. - He always shouts that out, yeah. 

How do I find products to sell?

So, Upper Bounce, Hi-Seas, a ton of different stuff, and, you know, if out here, McDavid, it's like if I was a McDonald's cheeseburger, this is what I would be, I'd be a McDavid. Let's take a look at this, and we're doing this live for you guys, right, we don't wanna make it seem, I could like, we could go and find all the products and make it seem perfect for you guys, but the point is, we wanna simulate what product research really is, like, it takes time, like, not everything you find is gonna be a Flagship Carpets where they have $200,000 in monthly sales with two reviews. 

So like, let's take a look at these guys right here. We see that, you know, their prices are a little bit low for some of these, like, I don't wanna sell anything less that $13, but we see that the review quantity is pretty high, so really the only, yeah, this is the only product I would even consider, but again, like, clothing, I don't really like to mess around with, because there's like a bunch of different SKUs, stock keeping units for small, medium, large, here's a lot more returns, because like, clothing that doesn't fit, people return, so you have to deal with all the like, restocking fees, and if you get too many returns, Amazon will shut your listing down relative to your sales and things like that, but that's the stuff that you'd never be able to know about unless you like, had a mentor or someone who's teaching you all of this stuff for you, so that is like, how I use the brand search tool, so this is one of the kind of secret weapons that we go through, one of, literally, probably 50 different ways that we talk about how to do product research that no one else is talking about, because if you're doing product research the same as everyone else is teaching it, then you're gonna find the same products. 

Yeah, I love this method, because like you said, most people just use the product, they just look for a single product label, and they look for that golden goose, right, but when you're looking at a brand, you're looking at an entire store, so, and stores, they would not bet their entire, you know, savings on, you know, just a single product, they have a variety of products. 

Yeah, exactly, and, you know, you can look at trends, like, these guys, econscious, organic cotton, right, like they're taking advantage of people who are more environmentally conscious, you know, buying clothing or bags that's more, kind of, good for the environment, and I, you know, I enjoy doing product research. I think it's fun, like,  We're having a good time. 

I love just like, looking and seeing what people are doing, like this is another fishing brand, right, and if you're into fishing, what I always tell my students that people who are, you know, have been the most successful, is use your own creativity and your own experience. Like, I'm not gonna go out and launch a makeup brand, like I'm just not, like, Kylie Jenner s obviously, you know, way better at makeup than I will ever be, and that's why she had such a massive success with that, I mean, for some other reasons, too. A massive social media following and et cetera, but, the point is, guys, like, if you're a fisher, or you love camping, or whatever your experience may be, you have a massive competitive advantage and you probably don't even know you do, because you know more about this stuff. 

You know what the problems are with camping stoves. You know how to fix it, right, and there's ways to figure out what the problem, like, if, for example, this product right here, like, I would go into this one, I would look at the reviews, and I would literally, like, filter only to see the one star reviews. "I bought this product, the quality is very bad. "I don't recommend it." "Caught nothing." Yeah, so like, what you can do is you can go in, look at the negative reviews, and then when you go to source your own product, you correct those negativities, and, you know, by doing that, you make a more valuable product, and you're in it more for the long term, and you will be rewarded for that. Awesome. 

Well, thank you so much, Kevin. I know that we're running out of time right now, but you showed us a really, really valuable product research method, and you have tons more in store that, you know, the methods that you show with your students.

Absolutely.  If people want to learn more, do you have any sort of training that you can offer, you know, the audience?  Yeah, absolutely. So, Odi's been kind enough to, you know, we've put together a completely free training for you guys, obviously, we can't go, like, completely in depth in just one Blog Content, but we do have a 100% free training where we go much deeper into the whole process, right, because finding a product is the most important part of the process, but still, you have to find a manufacturer to make it. You have to create your listinfgs. You have to give reviews, launch your products. 

Amazon fba monthly storage fees - You have to do marketing, right, so we created a completely free training for you guys where we're gonna talk much, much more in depth about step by step, how anyone can start a successful Amazon FBA business with zero experience.

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