Make Money Affiliate Marketing Amazon $100 / Day 2019

How much can you make with Amazon affiliate? - in this article, I'm gonna share how I've been able to make over $100 per day with Amazon Associates affiliate marketing. I've actually been able to make over $3,000 in a single month, back in December of 2016 so quite a few years ago. 

So I'm going to share some few helpful tips that can help you guys out with Amazon Field marketing today, so stay tuned. hey what's up, ODI productions here back with another affiliate marketing video. if you're brand new to the channel, my name is Odie and I am obsessed with passive income through the business model known as affiliate marketing. 
Make Money Affiliate Marketing Amazon $100 / Day 2019

How do you get paid as an Amazon affiliate? - I love entrepreneurship, and I also love cars so. if you're interested in any of that make sure to check out my other content, because I'm making new article every single week now the topic of today's article this is a fun one we're talking about Amazon Associates, and have been able to make over a hundred dollars per day, that's over three thousand dollars a month and you know that's a full-time income for a lot of people and this is through passive income through affiliate marketing.

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Make Money Affiliate Marketing Amazon

Now if you're brand new to affiliate marketing, it's basically just referrals and selling other companies products and services. so the affiliate program we're talking about today is called Amazon Associates so if we hop into my computer right here you can actually see I'm logged into Amazon Associates and we're looking, at basically MacBook Pros now you can look up any product on Amazon. 

How do I become an Amazon affiliate marketer? - Okay, and it's gonna show up and you can get links to these products and make a commission, if someone clicks your link and buys it within 24 hours now here's the thing you actually earn commission on everything someone buys within 24 hours and amazon is so good, in selling customers that you don't really have to do much selling you just have to get people on the website which works in your favor. and so basically Amazon Associates right here these are the rates for the different product categories now if you were to sell MacBook Pro, this is a PC.  

Okay, and you get 2.5% of the products cost so if this is $2,500 right this nice shiny Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch,  you would actually earn 2.5 percent of that which is roughly equal $62.50.  

Alright, so every time you sell one of these, you make $62.50 which is pretty good right so you would not have to sell that many per day to get $100 per day you'd have to sell you know about one and a half right.  

How much money can I make with affiliate marketing? - Now I understand it's not the easiest thing to sell a $2,500 laptop but hopefully with the tips I give you guys today, it will help you guys on your journey to make you more money with the Amazon Associates.  now just to bring you guys back I want to show you guys my journey, over two years when I started with Amazon Associates and you guys can actually see right here, I was able to surpass the $3,000 per month mark in December of 2016 and I have the earnings right here to back it up this is the direct deposit if you log in to Amazon and you look at your payment schedule, you actually see these payments and how much you get paid and is set into your bank account yes and see three thousand dollars in a single month back in December of 2016 quite a bit ago.
Make Money Affiliate Marketing Amazon $100 / Day 2019

Right now, one thing I want to show you guys is I did not start out making $100 a day in fact I started out making just thirty two dollars in a single month this is the first time, I ever earned from Amazon Associates it was the first affiliate program I ever joined and back in November of 2014,  you can see thirty two dollars and six cents and this just shows you guys basically the journey and how long it took to go from you know making peanuts making 30 bucks a month to making over three thousand dollars in a single month, it took over two years now, really the secret to getting explosive results and I'm gonna show you guys basically a key timeframe here. 

So if you look at the first year, of doing this I never made over 400 dollars in a single month, now if you're looking at the second year, right you see a huge difference you see that, this curve the growth curve just shoots straight up. Okay, and you're seeing this right here we go from a thousand to three thousand in basically less than a year.  

What are the most profitable affiliate programs? - Right so what's the difference what did I do that basically took my results from being, you know let's say pretty much subpar andnot enough to live off of to a full time income. now the secret is a system okay  you need a system that gets traffic and sales and basically traffic is the people who visit your link they click your link and they visit Amazon, and then sales are people who actually end up buying or becoming a paid customer. now again it works in your favor that you're using Amazon, because people spend millions of dollars on the Amazon every single day, so you don't really have to worry about that customer experience because Amazon handles they and they give the best customer experience possible. now your job is to get them onto the platform, and also get them interested in products that tend to be higher ticket because the truth is 62 dollars is nice Commission  right, if you're to sell one of these Apple Mac books now if the product that you sell is actually only $25 and let's say you're only making at the most 10%. 

You would only make like 2 bucks and the problem is you know to make $100 a day you'd have to sell 50 of those items every single day, rather than just selling two or one and a half actually Apple MacBooks to make $100 per day. so basically you know when it comes to choosing a product in the niche you want to go more towards high-ticket and actually one of the reasons why I transitioned from using Amazon Associates to promoting other companies and products and services, is because there are industries and there are niches that are way more profitable and lucrative, than when I started out. 
Make Money Affiliate Marketing Amazon $100 / Day 2019

Because the truth is Amazon is a pretty low ticket affiliate program in the sense that you know you're only making between 1 to 10 percent, if you guys look at the rates right here at most you're making 10 percent of a product's costs. now if that's true then you would have to sell literally $30,000 worth of products you'd have to make $30,000 in revenue for Amazon, to take home $3,000 as your commission, and that's with the 10% rate which not everyone's gonna get because look at this it's basically just luxury beauty or Amazon coins, and I'm immediately out when it comes to luxury beauty, because I don't wear makeup. so it all comes down to numbers here right and basically, if you want to make a hundred dollars a day you'd have to sell about $1,000 worth of products every single day, at a 10 percent commission. 

Now, if you're just dropping down to 5% you'd have to sell essentially $2,000 worth of products every single day to reach that, now how can we get there. one you either sell higher ticket products that you know you can basically sell just one. Okay, and then make over $60 or you can sell more products and this is called bundling. 

Is affiliate marketing passive income? - Okay, when you buy a camera for example, you don't just buy the camera, you buy batteries, you buy an SD card, you buy a tripod, you buy a microphone, you can buy so many accessories. now this is an easy way to maximize your profits, and instead of just making $10 or $20 or $30 every time you sell a camera. now you're making 40 or 50 dollars, if you  sell a whole set or a whole bundlethat's an easy way to maximize your profit. now another way to make more money with Amazon Associates other than getting sales, right which is obvious is getting more traffic. 

Okay, let's say you have a 3% conversion rate, on people who click our links and buy something from Amazon, then simply if you want to make more sales or make more money, you just need to get more people clicking your links. right now to do this you need to create content that attracts consumers who are in the research phase, they are looking up this product so let's say a MacBook Pro. what you would do is you create content that revolves around people searching up, this product in order to buy.  

Right now when people want to buy something what do they do they, look up a review video. ok, so one example is making a review video, that entices someone to buy, who is let's say the right customer who, you know this product is perfect for them. we don't want to be selling stuff to people just for the sake of making money, because that's the number one way to basically, lose in this business. 

Is if you're not thinking long term and you're not actually thinking about your customers. but if this is the right product for a specific person right specific customer then we can more than gladly, promote it and sell it to them, and it's a lot easier to sell products that you believe in then that you use yourself, I mean I have an Apple MacBook Pro right here on my desk. 

I've been using the same one for over 7 plus years, and I love it and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who's interested in an Apple MacBook Pro. right so taking you guys back to basically how do you make more money with the Amazon affiliate marketing, you just need to get either more traffic or more sales, and traffic comes from creating content that attracts consumers right, and ranking on Google or YouTube as a form of SEO or search engine optimization.

If you guys didn't rank for certain terms like let's say MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro review, then you're gonna be getting organic customers free traffic. they're already interested in what you have to offer, and they are that close to buying you just have to you know kind of get them over the edge. so basically my system was figuring out, how do I get more traffic and how do I get more consistent traffic and more quality traffic. cuz it doesn't matter if you get. 10,000 clicks if nobody buys right I'd rather get 100 clicks and get 10 sales and get 10,000 clicks and get one sale. 

How do I create an affiliate link? - Okay, and some people do have that low of a conversion rate, because their content is not focused on the consumer it's not focused on consumer research. you know during that phase where they're looking to actually buy. they're focusing on making content that just entertains people, or is just for fun. Okay, it's not really to get people in that buying mindset when I found my system of getting consistent steady traffic from SEO and paid traffic combined. so this is Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads. 

When, I combine those two things where I'm guaranteeing traffic through paid traffic. I'm literally paying for people to visit my website, visit my content and I'm also getting that organic free traffic from people who are searching up my products. Boom, that's how I was able to get this system going and you see this huge spectacular Growth, and you really need a system, because if you're not getting consistent traffic and sales every single day. then you don't really have control over your business you don't really have a sound business plan. 

how to make money with amazon affiliate marketing pdf - Right, you're just getting lucky so what you need to do is you need to systemize, and really create something. that can get you consistent reliable traffic every single day, because if you have a conversion rate of like let's say 3% ,there's two ways to get more sales you either get more traffic or you raise that three percent to a five percent, or that five percent, to a six percent. 

Now, you're getting more sales, for the same number of customers that you're getting every single day you don't actually have to get more customers. you just have to convert more of the customers you already have walking in the door. 

So, that's basically it, I just want to simplify it in this short simple blog content, but if you guys want to learn more about my system. I actually have a five step system that I use, you can check out my brand new free training I created it just for you guys, and I just made it and it just went live so you guys can check that out in the description below, sign up for that. check it out now the last tip, I want to give you guys is don't be general. 

Okay, I see some people trying to do Amazon affiliate marketing, and they basically create like a general store without any content, without any research, without any you know sort of sales to help someone to make a purchase decision right.  they just literally make something that looks like a Shopify store, but for affiliate marketing.  

Guys, this is not gonna work okay, I see so many people just throw up their links or throw up this affiliate product or this Amazon like, and expect to get sales. it's not gonna happen, because you need to basically prequalify people, and then also convince people on buying that, product now.  you can't do that, if you're throwing up you know all these different sorts of niches you're not specializing in any of them, and specialization, and getting really niche specific is how you really get results, because you separate yourself from the competition. 

When you go specific on a single niche, because you show people that, you know your brands, or your videos, or your content is focused on just a single thing. and it in turn, makes you look like an expert. you don't have to be an actual expert, but you need to have the appearance of an expert, if you want to convince people and consumers to buy from you. 

So that they can trust you and trust your opinion, and also helps when you're giving someone genuine advice on you know if this Apple MacBook is for them, because the truth is if someone were to just be browsing the internet, and checking their emails, and watching YouTube you don't need a $2,500 laptops to do that. 

If you were to do real professional work and you really required some computing power dedicated graphics card, and you needed something that you can take on the go, and it would be reliable, it would be durable, then an Apple MacBook Pro is a great great choice. but guys, I don't want to get into the PC versus Windows debate and just to show you guys, I also have a PC myself this is a predator laptop so. I'm on both sides I don't want to turn this into a PC versus Mac debate. 

I love both but they're for different crowds and for different purposes. all right, so to sum things up you really need to one be niche-specific, and two you really need to create system that gets steady traffic and steady sales, and there's only two ways to get more money. it's either you get more sales from the traffic you already have or you get more traffic right.  

Can you make money with amazon affiliate marketing  - now it's a lot easier to just turn that conversion rate from a 1% to a 2% from some simple tweaks. rather than having to get a hundred new customers every single time you want to make a sale right, I would rather take my conversion rate from 1% to 2% and have to get another one brand-new customers in the door, just to make another sale. Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed this make sure to hit the like button it takes literally half a second and comment below I want to hear your thoughts and I love respond to as many comments as possible.

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