How To Get Organic Reach on Facebook 60k Followers (2019)

How do I increase organic reach on Facebook 2019? - Buckle up because in this article, we're gonna show you how to get insane reach on Facebook without having to spend a dime.  But be warned. We're gonna go fast, like The Flash fast. - Now before we dive in, it's important to get across the significance of doing what we're about to tell you because we want you to get awesome results too. –

About a year ago now, we were just auto-scheduling everything to Facebook, posting links to our blog, posting cheesy quotes, all that kind of stuff. What we realised was, our Facebook reach had gone down to almost zero, like seriously. One day, we posted to Facebook and only one person saw it. One! (growling) I mean, what is the point? Right? Have you ever felt like that too about Facebook? Let us know in the comments. –

Now, Facebook was never our main platform, but to be honest, we were a tiny bit embarrassed about this. I mean, we're marketers. We should be doing a little bit better than reaching one person on Facebook. - Anyway, so we thought this needs to change. So we read up as much as we possibly could about the Facebook algorithms. We tested as much as we possibly could and within a short few months, we managed to turn our Facebook organic reach from consistently being less than 50 to consistently being around 5,000 to 6,000 people organic.

What is a good organic reach on Facebook? - People say that Facebook organic reach is dead, but it is not! This has enabled us to triple our Facebook likes within six months and also get more clients. So here's 13 top tips, yes, 13. Hold up 13 fingers, Pete. 13 top tips on how to increase you Facebook reach to over 600% organically. - And consistently. Before we give you those 13 tips, you need to know two things about Facebook.

How To Get Organic Reach on Facebook

Firstly, if your post is getting a lot of engagement,  ie likes, comments, shares, watch time, your post will be pushed up higher in the timelines and you will get more reach. –

The second thing you need to know is the more engagement you get on a post now, the more likely your future posts are going to get more reach. For example, if we post something and you like it, then the next time we post, you are more likely to see it because you've signalled to Facebook that you like our stuff, which nicely, leads us onto our first tip. Take it away, Pete. –


Is Facebook Organic Reach dead? - First, just post informative, inspiring, or entertaining content just to get engagement. That means no sales, no links, no call to actions. Just inspiring, entertaining, or helpful. - Then, post more promotional content, ie visit my blog, go buy this, look how awesome I am. Because if you do it this way, then all the people that have previously interacted with your helpful content are more likely to see that kind of promotional content. Plus, all that rapport you've built means they are more likely to respond to that secondary kind of promotional content too. Bingo! –


Number two is make your content rich. Ie, don't just post a mini tip. Post a mini blog! Go all out. The higher quality of content that you post organically to your Facebook page, the more reach you will be likely to receive because people are more likely to engage with it and reward you for all that effort you've put into it. When I say native, posting things to Facebook, not, "Hey, go read my blog. "Here's a link to go elsewhere off Facebook." Post natively to your Facebook. –


Number three, post less but higher quality content on Facebook. Your Facebook post can last days, if not weeks, continuously getting more and more interactions. So sometimes, we're only posting once or twice a week on Facebook and those are the posts that are doing really well. To get high reach, it's about getting as much interaction on that single post. So, the more you post, the more actual competition you are giving your posts that are already doing well. The more diluted your reach will be. –


Number four, post natively to Facebook! People do not like clicking things and leaving Facebook. Neither does Facebook. So, post less links. –


Number five, go live! On live, watch time and engagement is usually much higher, so Facebook is going to reward you with higher reach. The key, however, with this is to make sure that your live show is actually valuable and worth watching. Remember, crappy lives are not going to do well just because they are alive. - They're alive! Hey, if you're enjoying this so far, can we get an amen in the comments please and don't forget to subscribe while you're there.


Number six is to get people talking. Facebook wants meaningful connections, whatever that means. What it means is that it wants people talking to each other and building a little community. So, give your audience the spotlight and let them talk to each other and get to know each other. A great way to do this is to start some kind of opinion polls or opinion debates to get people talking and interacting with each other and really make it easy for them to engage. If you want some examples of how this is doing really, really well, we've got some great samples here in this article.


You should go check it out. - Following on from that, tip seven is to ask follow up questions when people comment on your posts. You've gone through all this effort to get engagement and when someone does comment, "Hey, great video." All you can say is, "Thanks." That is a slap in the face. Ask a follow up question and start conversations. Not only is it very British and polite, but it also increases the engagement time on that post. –


Number eight is to use different media. You will typically get more reach if you use images, videos, and live videos. So get started using them. In fact, if you jump into your Facebook insight to our page, it will literally tell you which type of media performs best for your specific audience. Cool, right? –

See 5 Ways Creating Quality Content Instagram for Business | Algorithm 2019


Number nine, put subtitles on your videos. 85% of Facebook users are watching videos without the sound turned on. So, if you don't have subtitles, you are going to kill your watch time and therefore, your reach. We've got a video on how to add subtitles super easily over there. –


Number 10 is to add emotion. There's lots of different types of emotions that you can use, so get using them. Every time that we add an element of emotion into our content, the reach always goes sky high. I did this post recently about my back and I displayed this X-ray and I told this emotional story and the reach was insane. It got over 800% reach and it had a link in it. A link! This is unheard of. A post getting 800% organic reach with a link. This is mental. It works, so use emotion, alright? - We've got some more killer tips coming up but if you are enjoying this video, please give us a big thumbs up.


Number 11, a simple one, collaborate with people who have a slightly bigger or maybe similar sized audience to you. –


Number 12 is to use a comment to subscribe messenger bot growth tool. Doing this has helped us so frickin' much to get us a tonne more reach, a tonne more engagement, and also, subscribers and sales. If you don't know what bots are or how to use them or if you think they're a little bit too complicated, they're really not, it's that simple. All you have to do is go check out our bot course and it'll show you exactly how to get started.


So, tip 13. - Breaking news. If you talk in depth about something that has just dropped in the news, your content certainly becomes super share-worthy. We did this recently with a Facebook post all about the new Twitter API changes and it got shared like crazy giving us a tonne of reach. Why Facebook Organic reach is declining?


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