How Much Money Do Youtubers Really Make With 1 Million Subscribers

Average salary of a youtuber with 1 million subscribers - Earning around $9,000, which if, you know if you do the math, nine times 12 is $108,000 per year. So pretty crazy, six figures from YouTube, but in this video I'm going to finally answer the question of how much do YouTubers really make. 

So in this video I'm gonna share my personal earnings from YouTube and we're gonna go into my phone. I'm gonna show you guys my earnings in the last month and the last couple months before that. And we're gonna talk everything about how many views it takes to make these kind of earnings, and also I'm gonna show in this video some tips for anyone who's an aspiring YouTuber or you're looking to get into YouTube, I'm gonna share tips on what helped me to become a six-figure YouTuber making over $100,000 a year. 

So let's hop into my phone. I'm gonna actually screen record this while I'm talking to you guys on the big cam, and basically we're gonna go through my analytics, and we're gonna talk about it and we're gonna try and reverse engineer  how I got these results. And one thing I wanna mention is your miles may vary. 

Everyone is different but we'll get into that. So first thing I'm gonna do is open up my YouTube Studio, and now we are here inside YouTube Studio. And basically you guys can see at the top my watch time in the last 28 days is 2.6 million minutes of watch time which is a pretty decent amount, I think. You know, but when you look at the views in the last 28 days it's actually only 334,000 views. 

And it actually went down from the month before. But if you look at the estimated revenue, which is this green graph right here, in the last 28 days, and it's delayed one day, it says $8,445.14. So I'm gonna click into that. And you guys can see in the last 28 days, which is delayed one day, by the way, so it's not showing the actual 28 days, it's actually only 27 days, I've made over $8,400. 

Now, everyone knows that an average month you're gonna have 30 to 31 days aside from February. So this is showing 27 days worth of earnings. And if you look at the average in the last, just in the last week or two you can see it's earning about $360 a day, sometimes closer to $450 like the day before yesterday.

So if you take another three or four days, right, and add it to this because that would make the total 30 to 31 days, this is actually much, much closer to $10,000 in revenue because $8,400 and then you add an additional three or four, $360 days, we're looking at an additional 1100 to $1500, and if you add another $1500 this is close to just under $10,000. 

Now I'm gonna show you guys the estimated revenue from July. And you guys are gonna see that it was just under $9,000. And then I'm gonna show you guys the estimated revenue from June as well, and you can see this is just over $9,000. So, pretty consistently in the last 30 days along with the month before and then the month before that earning around $9,000, which, you know, if you do the math, nine times 12 is $108,000 per year. 

So pretty crazy, six figures from YouTube, but you know, the earnings, as crazy as that is, I think the craziest thing, by far, is the views. Because, you know, the earnings is one thing because, you know, you've probably seen YouTubers who have 10 times the amount of following I have and done every single video they're basically getting 300,000 views per video, or maybe it just takes them a couple videos to make 300,000 views. And then if you can look back in June, let's just go through this, close to 400,000 but not quite. 

And then we look at July, 353,000 views. So it went down again. And then in the last just, you know, 28 days, it's down even more. It's down 2% to 334,000 views. But at the same time our earnings are actually up because we are on track to earn closer to 10,000 rather than 9,000. Basically, that's what I wanna show you was the views and estimated revenue and that's basically what it comes down to because, you know, let's talk about how I got here.

Let's reverse engineer this because I know that this is pretty crazy, six figures a year, $100,000 a year, from a relatively small YouTube channel. So, I know you guys can see. I got the plaque right here. I got the 100,000 subscribers. And I just reached over 200,000 subscribers. So, you know, I am not exactly a small YouTuber as I was before, but in terms of the views. So there's plenty of YouTubers who get millions of views per month, okay? And the thing is I'm only getting around 300 to 400,000 views a month in the last three months. 

But I'm still earning over $9,000 a month. Now why is this? The answer is called CPM. So for anyone who is new to like, YouTube and Google AdSense, CPM, which means cost per mille, basically means how many dollars you get paid for every thousand views. Now to answer the question how much do YouTubers really make, the average YouTuber makes about $2 for every thousand views. 

So they have a $2 CPM. So if they were to basically get a million views they would make $2,000 if my math is correct in my head. But basically, $2 CPM that is like the overall average. Now I gotta say, your mileage may vary. Depending on certain factors which I'll talk about later in this video, you know, my tips on how to get a six-figure per year YouTube revenue, basically, with CPM it varies from as little as 50 cents or $1 for every thousand views to as high as over $20 for every thousand views. 

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And my CPM happens to range over $20. You know, you can reverse engineer and do the math, but one thing I realized is it's not just about the views. Now views is how you get paid. And obviously you need to be running ads in order to get paid on YouTube, but it's actually a metric called estimated monetized views because there's views that you get on YouTube, right? But then there are certain videos that get demonetized or that can't earn money because of copyright and other issues like that. 

So I'm actually not getting 330,000 estimated monetized playbacks. I'm actually getting closer to 275,000 monetized views. So there's a difference. There's views that make money and there's views that don't because there's some videos that I have on my channel that just can't run ads because of certain issues, right? So as you guys saw, in the last 27 days, because it's delayed one day, I was making $8,400. 
So if you add in another $360 day, closer to 400, we're looking at close to 9,000, maybe $8,700 to $8,800 for just 275,000 monetized playbacks. So again, it comes down to CPM. And basically I wanna share with you guys how I was able to get such a high CPM. Maybe I can help someone out who's an aspiring YouTuber. 

How Much Money Do You Make on Youtube With 1 Million Subscribers

And if you guys like stuff like this, because this is the first video I've ever made showing my YouTube earnings and talking about stuff like this 'cause, you know, I usually talk about other business topics and entrepreneurship specifically with a business model of affiliate marketing which is my actual main source of income then please hit the like button and comment below letting me know so I can make a part two. But basically, you know, to get higher CPM it comes down to a few key factors. 

1. Pick The Right Topic

Now the first thing I wanna say is, I think the topic, right? What you make videos on is gonna have a huge impact on what advertisers are going to be putting their ads on your videos and making placement. 

So, obviously because I have a channel that is focused on business and investing and entrepreneurship and really like creating a business, right? And investing into yourself. The advertisers are also businesses. They are business software. Maybe they are certain programs. And, you know, online education. 

So basically the people who are willing to spend money to show up as ads on my videos, they happen to be people who actually also happen to, you know, be some pretty profitable companies, pretty lucrative companies, so they can afford to pay x number of dollars for showing an ad on my channel. 

So that's the first thing I wanna share is the topic that you make videos on. If you make gaming videos chances are your CPM is probably gonna be closer to that $2 average just because gaming is so saturated and you know, there's just so many millions and millions and millions of views that go into the gaming community and the gaming market every single day, that it's just not as rare, it's not as valuable. 

So, that's the first thing I wanna say is the topic of your videos, the subject of your videos is gonna probably have the biggest impact. So in addition to that, one thing that people talk about is the 10-minute rule. You know, if you have a video over 10 minutes it allows you to put more ads. And you know, it's really simple, it's really straightforward. 

If you can put more ads in your video, let's say you can put two to three times more ads then you're gonna make two to three times more money. It's pretty simple. I've experimented with both, where I've only had one ad and I've only had one ad play like at the beginning of a video, and then I've also experimented with having ads all throughout the video, before the video, after the video, and during the video, especially for longer videos that, you know, I have some videos that are literally almost an hour long. My last video was like 53 minutes. And if your video is longer and you have more ads, obviously you're gonna be able to get more revenue, because, you know, it's a simple multiplier. 

If you have two or three more ads than the average person who only has one ad per video then you're gonna be making two to three times more. But doesn't really require any sort of crazy change, like obviously you're gonna have to make content that's longer than 10 minutes. But at the same time anyone can just press the boxes, you know, and activate this and put more ads. Now obviously, you know, in terms of user experience. 

You know, you don't wanna have like a million ads playing in the video. But at the end of the day, YouTube is a business. You, yourself, if you are a YouTuber you're running a business as well. And you have to remember that you have to be able  to monetize your brand to the full effectiveness. But I'll get into that in a little bit because YouTube historically has never been really even in the top  five of my income sources. But I'll get into that after this video. 

So, the other thing I wanna share with you guys that's helped me get higher CPM is all my content is pretty family friendly. So, what I mean by this is I never cuss in my videos, I never curse, I never say bad words, and I also don't have a lot of videos that are demonetized. Now if you guys remember, there is like the adpocalypse about a year or a year and a half ago where a bunch of big YouTubers were complaining about getting their AdSense cut into a tenth of what it used to be, right? And all of a sudden you had these big YouTubers with millions and millions and millions of subscribers, all of a sudden they disappear overnight and they stopped uploading videos because they just stopped making money. At least the same kind of money that they were making. 

Cause imagine you were a YouTuber with 10 million subscribers and you went from making let's say $50,000 a month making these videos to let's say 2,500 or $5,000. Now obviously, anyone would love to have 2,500, $5,000 per month from YouTube videos. But at the same time when you're used to earning so much explosive income and it gets basically cut into a tenth of what it used to be overnight, it's something that's really demoralizing and I totally understand why the big YouTubers would decide to kinda step away from the game. 

So, with all that being said. Those are my top tips right now. But if you guys want me to go deeper into making basically increasing your CPM or making more money with YouTube, again, this is just my estimate. I don't know exactly how it works. But this is just in my experience what has worked for me, then make sure to hit the thumbs up button, let me know, because this is the first time I've ever made a video about this. I don't know if people are even interested in this topic, but I decided to just make a video 'cause I saw some other videos that I thought were pretty inspiring, pretty interesting and fascinating. 

And I think that there's a lot of mystique about it because I was, the other day I was doing a photo shoot for one of my cars, my Lamborghini Underground Racing Twin-Turbo. I took it to this spot with my friend who's a car photographer, and I had this kid run up to me and he asked me, he's like, "Hey, are you a YouTuber?" 'Cause he said that YouTubers have Lamborghinis. 

And so I thought that was really funny. I actually told him no just because, you know, even though I do have 200,000 subscribers and I'm grateful for every single one of you, even today I still find a hard time calling myself a YouTuber when it's not like my full-time job and it's not my main priority. 

Again, historically YouTube has not even been in the top five of my income sources. So it's just kind of crazy for me to, you know, just kind of embrace that idea that I am a YouTuber and you know, so this is something I just wanna share with any aspiring YouTuber. 

I mean, it can be a real viable job. But with that being said, I gotta leave a disclaimer here. Your mileage may vary. If you are getting a CPM that's like a dollar or 50 cents and you're not getting millions of views, obviously you're not gonna be making six figures a year. And that's just the reality for most people. 

So I don't want people to jump into YouTube, like put all your eggs into that basket just because YouTube is something that's so volatile, it goes up and down every single month, that, you know, you could be making $10,000 one month and then $1,000 the next. So that's something I just wanna warn people that it's something that you don't have control over it. 

I like creating businesses and income sources where I have at least, you know, as much control as possible. I'm not saying that I need to like absolutely have 100% control, but it would be nice to be able to kind of dictate my earnings, right? So, I hope those tips help you guys get higher CPMs. Again, let me just sum it up. The topic in the subject of your videos, I happen to make videos about business, entrepreneurship, making money online. That seems to really help in terms of having advertisers with a lot of money invest into showing, lacing ads on my videos.

2. Duration / Ads

Second, longer view time and duration, but not just that, how many ads are you placing into your videos? Instead of just putting one or two, try putting three, four, five, you know, that's just gonna multiply your income per video. 

3. Family Friendly Content

And on top of that, family friendly. I, you know, I never cuss on my channel, I never say any bad words or get demonetized,  and that has helped me so much in termsof just being advertiser friendly and also just, you know, just not suffering the risk of demonetization, 'cause I'd rather make a little bit from a video than nothing at all, right? And this adds up as you make videos every single week, this is gonna add up over time. 

It's gonna compound. Oh, by the way, I read a study the other day. And it was a study conducted by Lego, you know, the toy company for the building block? I don't know if kids even play with Legos these days, but when I was younger Legos were like all the rage. And in fact, when I was younger being a YouTuber or a vlogger was not even a profession.

 It wasn't even a job, right? YouTube didn't exist when I was a kid. So the funny thing is this study, they conducted this study with 3,000 kids, and the number one job that these kids want to become, at least for kids that were in the U.S. or the U.K. Was to become a YouTuber or vlogger. 

That just blew my mind that kids these days, they wanna be a YouTuber or vlogger. In fact, three times more than they want to be astronauts. So this blew my mind. I mean we live in such a different day and age where you can make money making videos online, but again, you have to be smart about it. 

You can't put all your eggs into one basket because, you know, again, if that happens to go up and down every single month, it's hard to have any sort of guarantees or any sort of sense of security. But with that said, if you are thinking about this. 

I recommend that you do take a risk and that you do try because you never know if you could be the next YouTube star. I know I'm not. That's why I don't have millions and millions of subscribers, that's why I don't get millions of views, but hey, maybe I can help the next YouTube star, whoever's out there, and help them out with these tips. And so yeah, never give up on your dreams, guys, honestly. Like, I mean that. 

I mean, you never know how big your potential is until you try.  So the last thing I wannatalk about in this video is how I make money. You know, I talk about YouTube historically. It hasn't even been in the top five of my income sources. So how do I make money aside from YouTube right? Because if people are just relying on AdSense, it's too up and down, that it's too dangerous and risky to just rely on that. What are some other ways to make money with YouTube that are more sustainable. 

All right, so my secret on how I'm able to make so much more money than just what Google and YouTube pays me through AdSense is a business model known as affiliate marketing, and if you are a subscriber of my channel, and you've been following me for, you know, the last year or two, you'd already know all about affiliate marketing. 

But for those people who are brand new to my channel, my main business model is affiliate marketing, which is basically another word for sponsorship. Now, a lot of people who are YouTubers, they talk about sponsorship and brand deals. This basically means that a company went to them or they went to a company, they contacted them, and they said, hey, if you make a video on our product, right, and we're gonna pay you x number of dollars, and on top of that we're gonna give you an affiliate link and whatever someone buys through your link, we're gonna pay you 10% of everything that customers buy through your link.

So you get a piece of the pie. So I get obsessed with affiliate marketing because I love the idea that I get to promote products and services that I already love and use and make a certain percentage of that. So basically, you know, affiliate marketing is something that just opened up the whole world to me because I can just basically promote any product that I was a fan of. 

And I've done it time and time again. I've had multiple products that I have made over $100,000 each from and I've had multiple products on top of that that I've made tens and thousands of dollars. And I've even had a product that I've made over half a million dollars from. Just a single affiliate product. So, basically, I use affiliate marketing, so when I make content I don't just focus on getting views and making ad revenue. 

Obviously as you guys can tell by my view count, I don even get a million views a month, but I'm making six figures from AdSense alone now. Just imagine, if I'm selling a product, right? When you sell a product, and let's say, you know, you get paid, let's say $50 every time someone buys that product, you don't need to get millions of views to make a full-time income, right? You just have to get dozens of sales, and that's already gonna equate to thousands and thousands of dollars from a $50 commission product. 

You know, if you wanna learn more about affiliate marketing, I mean, I got so many videos on my channel. But basically look into Amazon Associates. That's like the first affiliate program I tell people to join because you can promote anything on Amazon and get a percentage. 

Basically, if you wanna learn more about that check out my other videos, but I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Make sure to hit the thumbs up button again if you enjoyed it. And comment below. If you want me to make more content about YouTube and ad revenue, because, again, this is my first time making this kind of content, and if people don't like it or if, you know, people are not interested, then this will probably be the last time.

But if you are interested I will make a part two. I'll follow up with this. The last thing I wanna say is I am still doing my MacBook Pro giveaway for my students who are a member of any of my programs, PassiveIncome Lifestyle, Affiliate Evolution, and previously Affiliate Marketing Champ. 

Basically, the MacBook Pro giveaway I sent out in email. You should have received one. If you did not, send an email to support and then I will give you guys the instructions. But basically, that wraps up today's video. Again, if you like content like this, and you wanna learn more about making money online and entrepreneurship, make sure to hit the share button below and make sure .

Average salary of a youtuber with 1 million subscribers - So I wish you guys the best of luck, and I really, really hope that if you are an aspiring YouTuber or entrepreneur out there and you have a dream and you see a path, but even if other people, even your parents are kind of going against you, don't be afraid to take a risk because if I never did then I wouldn't be standing here today. So I hope that inspires someone today, and I wish you guys the best of luck. Catch you guys next time.

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