How can I merge two Facebook pages with different names in 2019? Easly

Can I merge two Facebook business pages? Yes. That question comes up a lot, so if you've got it, you're not alone. I'll show you how to do it right now. What's up, busy people? Welcome to my website. If you have been getting frustrated with your social media, feel like you're putting out way more effort than what you're getting in results, you're in a great place. 

Every week, we put out a quick video to help you with a different piece of your social media marketing strategy. If that sounds like something you could use. And today, I'm gonna show you how to merge two Facebook pages. Perhaps you found an old one that you didn't know about, started by a former employee. Maybe Facebook automatically generated a community page, which is what happens when someone tries to check into your business, and they can't find the official page, or the official page didn't exist yet. Whatever it might be, here's the process to merge two pages. 

So this is the site you're gonna come to to try and merge the two pages, and I'll tell you where to get this URL here in a second. But before you bother with the process, I wanna make sure that you do indeed have two pages that can be merged. For example, these are about pages, business pages, not profiles. You can't merge two personal accounts if you have more than one. 

Can we merge two Facebook pages?

You can only request to merge, as it says here, if you're an admin on both pages. The pages must have the same thing represented and have similar names. So if you are an admin on both pages, go through and make sure as many things match as you can in terms of, if it's two locations, make sure the address is written the same way, make sure that the names of the pages are as close possible. 

Sometimes they won't let you name two pages that you're an admin on, the exact same thing, but make it close. This will make the process go much faster. You can't undo it once you have started the process to merge pages. People who have liked the second page that you're getting rid of will be notified that you're merging into the new page. And all the content on the old page, the one that you're merging into the new one, like posts, photos, the username, they'll be deleted, but likes and check-ins will be merged in from both pages onto the new page. 

So, those are the things to know before you start. You can find this link in the description of this video. So I'm going up here to these two boxes and you're gonna start typing in the name of the page that you are an admin on and select it. Then, once you're ready, hit continue. It'll just remind you the page you'll keep and it'll show you how many likes you have. 
Obviously, you probably want the one that is your bigger one. And then it shows you which one you're gonna merge. Don't move forward unless you're sure this is right. Then you hit request merge. Because the names of these were so close it actually went through instantly. Sometimes, if your secondary page is more popular or there are too many things that are different you may run into some struggle. But if everything is set up right it should go through relatively quickly like that.

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I hope that worked for you. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but pretty close if you are an admin on both pages. Any questions? Let me know down in the comments. Otherwise, if it was helpful give us this article a share. You're not only supporting me, but also my two, tiny superheroes at home.

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