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Best Way to Post On Social Media - What is the fastest way to get your social media posts out there in the least amount of time? Let's look into it! Hey, welcome to my website. If this is your first time see my article, we're all about doing the best possible social media in the least amount of time. 

How can that be done? Well let's get into it. Today: The best way to publish all of your social media posts. The biggest thing that will save you time is to plan your posts ahead of time, and then sit down and schedule them all at once for the month - or at least for the week. And the tool that I think is best for doing that is called Buffer. 

Maybe you've heard of this company, maybe not, but it is the Buffer App. It started off as primarily a Twitter App and then slowly expanded from there. And as far as productivity goes, I don't think there's anything better. As you look at the screen here you'll see I've got a couple of my social media accounts located over here on the side: Facebook and Twitter. You can also connect your LinkedIn, Instagram, all kinds of different things. 

Heads up with Instagram; nobody lets you upload directly to Instagram from other Apps, but you can basically do what's called "scheduling to Instagram," which means they'll send the picture and the text to your phone, and then you manually upload it when you're ready to have it go up. So, you can do all of those. This is your main dashboard, and the way you schedule a post is you see this screen come up you can choose, you know, all of your networks or just one of them. 

And you would Tweet out, "I love Buffer." And then when you're done, you can come over here like you would normally schedule in any software and say, "Schedule Post." Or you can literally just say, "Add To Queue," and it will just go into a queue, hence the term Buffer. Then I can add another one. Tweet 2. Add To Queue. Tweet 3. Add To Queue. 

Now if I go over to my Twitter account, here are all of my um, Oh, good thing I looked, I don't even know what this one was. Here are all of my tweets that are ready to go. If I decide I want to move them around? Super simple drag and drop. Plus when you're scheduling if you wanted to add an image or anything like that, you can easily add photos and videos to it, so that they are also part of your tweets, Facebook posts, whatever else you might be doing. 

Same thing with links - You get a link you just paste it in, shows you the link preview and everything. Really, really slick! And you'll see there's one scheduled to go out each day here. For every account you have a schedule and you go in and just tell it what time (or times) you want to tweet. The main version of Buffer, totally free, but you can upgrade, they have something called The Awesome Plan for $10/month and that let's you schedule a lot more in advance, along with a few other tools. 

I'm not going to show you how to use Buffer beyond that in this video because Buffer has great videos of their own that you can check out. But highly recommend Buffer for posting your social media efficiently, cleanly, and in the least amount of time. I love Buffer. No they do not pay me. It's just the best product out there. 

Now I will say this, there is a downside to Buffer, and that is if you are going to boost your Facebook posts, you can't do it in Buffer. So once they went live on Facebook, then you'd have to go back and boost them. As opposed to if you scheduled them on Facebook, you could decide what the boost is going to be right then and there. Want more tricks on how to do the best social media in the least amount of time possible? 


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