How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water 2019

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How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water originating from Asia developed by experts. how to clean your face with rice is a natural way and has no side effects such as chemicals, and the method is very simple.
How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water 2019

There are many questions about face masks using rice, namely:

How long do you leave rice water on your face? Answer 15 minutes enough, 

Can I leave rice water in my hair overnight? answer overnight no problem

Can you leave rice water on your face? answer no problem, this naturally

How do I whiten my skin with rice water? 

How to treat your face with rice

Can Rice Water Go Bad

Choose Rice

first, choose good rice, white rice, yellow rice or jasmine rice. take the rice water and use it for face masks.

Add 1/2 cup (92.5 g) of rice to the bowl.

if you want to make a lot of rice water can increase the amount of rice poured and also add water to produce a lot of rice water too. rice water can last up to 1 week.

Wash Rice

pour the rice with clean water and stir until the rice droppings come out. strain the rice and put it in an empty bowl. repeat the step a second time.

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Mash Rice

Next is to pound the rice clean until soft, then give enough water to use a face mask at night. let stand for 15 minutes and wash your face with clean water.
How to Wash Your Face With Fermented Rice Water 2019

Pat your face with a towel

After you rinse it, pat pat your face with a soft towel to avoid bacteria that will attack your facial skin.

That's the way to clean your face with rice, this method is effective for tightening the skin of the face and makes the skin look shiny white.


How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

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55How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado - When it comes to facial masks, the inclusion of avocado as an active ingredient comes almost naturally. Any decent beauty expert worth their salt would strongly recommend utilizing the elements in avocados to enhance skin condition. The fruit contains vital minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and other vitamins that provides an extensive range of benefits. By carefully extracting these nutrients, avocado facial masks offer advantages such as:

Treating sensitive, dry or acne prone skin
Enhancing skin elasticity
Reversing effects of aging
Can be homemade
Suitable for all skin types.

How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

When avocados gained popularity in the beauty industry, many brands created their own versions of face masks with avocado as the sole ingredient. With the passage of time, beauty enthusiasts started looking for variations in these avocado facial masks and started to concoct their own personal recipes. This led to the invention of various avocado facial masks for different facial treatments. Listed below are 10 popular homemade avocado masks to help improve facial skin condition.

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Avocado and Apricot

How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

Recipe: Blend an avocado with apricots and spread over your face while avoiding the eye area.

Benefits: The natural acids can help to exfoliate dead skin cells while vitamin A and C in apricots tightens the skin. Vitamin E and high antioxidant content in avocados helps to balance skin tone as well.

This recipe shot up the popularity charts after Victoria Beckham swore by its effectiveness. Her tried and tested formula can be left on overnight but beauty experts suggests that 30 minutes is sufficient enough to absorb its nutrients.

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Avocado and Oatmeal

Recipe: Cook the oatmeal as per normal and mash the avocado, with its seed and skin removed. Mix and stir both together until all the pulp is dissolved.
How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

Benefits: Applying this formula as a facial mask can help to repair damaged skin and provides much needed moisture to the skin. Beauty fanatics can choose to keep it on for 15 minutes or allow it to dry naturally.

Avocado, Banana and Egg

Recipe: Pick a soft avocado and mix together with a banana and an egg yolk. Stir the mixture until a consistent paste is produced.
How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

Benefits: People who are suffering from oily skin can seek help from this recipe. By applying it to the face for 10 to 15 minutes, it helps to reduce the natural oil content in the skin and can prevent acne and blemishes.

Avocado and Honey

Recipe: Remove seeds and peel skin from the avocado and mash it up. Mix and stir thoroughly with 1 tablespoon of honey until a standard paste is produced.
How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

Benefits: Both avocado and honey are natural skin moisturizers. A short application time of 15 minutes helps to erase any signs of dull complexion and gives the skin a radiant glow.
Avocado and Yogurt

Recipe: Take ¼ avocado and squash it until the lumps disappear. Mix it with 1 teaspoon of organic yogurt and stir again until both are evenly combined.

Benefits: Another great facial mask to restore essential facial moisture. In addition, the lactic acid in yogurt help to kills bacteria and treat acne. Beauty experts recommend application for 10 to 15 minutes.

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Avocado, Honey and Yogurt

Recipe: Similar to the recipe for the Avocado and Yogurt mask, simply add ½ a teaspoon of honey into the mix.
How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

Benefits: For people who suffer from extremely dry skin, this triple-element recipe can provide high levels of moisture to the skin and is most suitable for weather that can dry out the skin such as in the winter season.

Avocado, Honey and Orange

Recipe: Add in 2 tablespoons of orange juice, 1 teaspoon of honey and a couple droplets of chamomile oil with a mashed avocado and stir thoroughly.

Benefits: Honey helps to moisturize the skin while the orange and avocado exfoliates impurities from the face. Suggested application period is 20 minutes.
Avocado, Honey and Lemon
How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

Recipe: Mash an avocado and thoroughly mix with ½ tablespoon of honey and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice.

Benefits: The avocado moisturizes the skin, while the honey and lemon work in tandem, functioning as a skin brightener. At the end of a 20-minute session, the skin appears more nourished with a radiant glow.

Avocado, Lemon and Egg

Recipe: Mash up an avocado before mixing it with lemon juice and egg whites. Thoroughly stir and ensure that a well-combined paste is produced.

Benefits: This recipe contains the unique ability to control the natural oil volume in the skin and ensures that skin texture remains soft and smooth. Experts highly recommend this formula for people with oily skin with suggested application period of 20 minutes.


Recipe: Slices of avocado

Benefits: Effectively removes blackheads
How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado

Saving the best for last, avocados can be cut into slices and used as a conventional facial mask. By rubbing the slices onto the face, it helps to remove unsightly blackheads and restore the skin to its natural shine.
How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado


How To Make A Face Mask With Avocado - The benefits of avocado in the formulation of facial masks have been widely publicized. Many beauty enthusiasts have attributed their improved skin condition to the use of avocado facial masks. However, as individual skin condition can differ drastically, other ingredients such as honey, lemon and eggs are used to help further enhance the capabilities of such masks. With the 10 suggested recipes above, anyone can easily find the suitable facial mask recipe for their unique skin condition.66

How Often Should I Use A Face Mask ?

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55How Often Should I Use A Face Mask - If you have oily or acne-prone skin, clay masks are a must-have. They not only soak up all traces of dirt and grease, but wearing one makes for funny Instagram pictures (yes, my sister and I are completely guilty of this). They're also simple to use: Apply one all over your face, have a glass of wine while you wait for it to dry to a hardened shell, and rinse. Am I right? No, no I am not. Turns out I've been using clay masks the wrong way for all these years—and doing more harm than good to my skin.

So what changed? Yesterday I met with Sharon McGlinchey, a facialist and the creator of MV Organic Skincare, a line of organic skin-care products developed for people with high skin sensitivities (Emma Watson and Maggie Gylenhall are both fans). As McGlinchey applied her MV Signature Mineral Mask, made with sun-dried clay, she doled out this little bit of advice: "You should never let a clay mask dry fully." To which I said, "Wha?" I mean, that's the fun part—waiting and watching for the clay to crack and flake.

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How Often Should I Use A Face Mask

"There are three phases of a clay mask," McGlinchey continued. "There's the damp phase where your skin drinks in the beneficial minerals from the outside. Then you have the start of the dry phase, which exercises your capillaries and stimulates blood flow as the mask cools and contracts. But then there's the dry phase, which draws out moisture from the surface of your skin, causing dehydration and irritation." Not only does skin then feel dry, tight, and sometimes itchy, but when you counteract it by slathering on extra face cream, you're just smothering your freshly cleansed skin.

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How Often Should I Use A Face Mask  - So the next time you use a clay mask, don't wait for it to reach the flaky stage before you start rinsing. Do the touch test: When you start to see it drying (which usually means it gets lighter in color) but it still feels a bit sticky, it's time to wash that sucker off—so it doesn't suck the life out of your skin.
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How Does A Face Mask Work

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55How Does A Face Mask Work - Facial masks are like IV treatments of vitamins: Short-term, super high doses of beneficial ingredients, all delivered into the skin using a fast-penetrating mechanism. Except, instead of needles in the case of IV treatments, facial masks use penetration-enhancing formulas, such as lightweight oils, alcohols, or glycols.

But like an IV treatment of vitamins, facial masks can infuse life back into you — and more specifically, to your skin.
How Does A Face Mask Work

What are the Different Types of Facial Masks?

Different Kinds of Facial Masks Types

Cream masks. These can be applied cold or warm on clean, dry skin. These are typically tissued off or removed with a wash cloth or sponge.

Exfoliating masks. According to Drs. Gina and Sid Dinesh, dermatologists in Beverly Hills, adding exfoliation to your skin care routine helps the natural shedding process and encourages healthier, smoother, more even-toned skin (source). Some of the big beauty benefits? Acne prevention, less visible pores, wrinkle smoothing, and it even helps with moisturizer penetration. Exfoliating masks can be cream based (containing hydroxy acids or enzymes or both), which you will either tissue off or role off (like a gommage). Or, they may include mechanical particles that you can see & feel, like jojoba beads, rice, etc.

Peel-off masks. Most of them come in a gel form which if applied on the face will “set-up”, transforming into a rubbery substance which can easily be peeled off.

Sheet masks. These masks are made of fiber, pulp, hydro-gel, or biocellulose. [Read More: Should You Add a Sheet Mask to Your Regimen?] Of these types of masks, biocellulose are the most adhesive and have been shown to deliver ingredients deeply within the skin.

again Should You Add a Sheet Mask to Your Skin Care Regimen?: What You Need to Know

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There are several factors that will increase the penetration of key ingredients into the skin: solvent, charged particles called ions, supersaturated solutions, liposomes, vesicles, smaller size of particles in general, and application of techniques like ultrasound (Current Drug Delivery, 2005). For best efficacy, when dealing with masks, look for all of the anti-aging ingredients you normally do (e.g., retinoids, AHAs, antioxidants, B vitamins, peptides), plus either ingredient penetration enhancers, like glycols, and/or microncapsulation and liposomal delivery systems.

Masks are therapeutic problem-solvers that can quickly and visibly refine the complexion, plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, deep-pore cleanse, stimulate circulation and even skin tone.  Most of these effects are temporary, making them perfect in the weeks prior to a big occasion.

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And if you are concerned about the safety of penetration enhancers like glycols, rest assured: Glycols are safe in the concentrations they are used in skin care and cosmetics. The internet rumor started about five years ago, when people misinterpreted the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), thinking that glycols can cause liver and kidney damage and act as a skin irritant. Considering that over 4000 beauty products in the U.S. alone contain propylene glycol, this was a big deal, to say the least. However, MSDS sheets refer to 100% concentrations of a substance. In the small concentrations used in skin care cosmetics, glycols are not a concern. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, propylene glycol is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), and proclaims, “Studies have not shown these chemicals [propylene or the other glycols as used in cosmetics] to be carcinogens”. [Read more: Is Propylene Glycol Safe in Beauty Products?]

My favorite sheet mask is Bel Mondo Beauty Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask ($45.00 for four, First of all, this mask is made of biocellulose, so it binds tightly to the skin, without getting any air pockets and missing portions of your skin. It also enables you to walk around and go about your business while wearing it. Secondly, the Bel Mondo Beauty Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask has a superior assortment of ingredients to other masks I’ve tried, including hydrating sodium hyaluronate and olive oil, skin-firming Skinasensyl, palmitoyl tri-peptide and palmitoyl hexapepide, skin-refining Syn-Tacks, and antioxidant vitamin E. It makes a profound difference in your skin every time you use it! I definitely recommend it as a special spa-like treatment for the skin; I love using mine in the bath after a long day!

If you want an infusion of the most proven ingredients into your skin, a great way to get these benefits is with a mask! My personal favorite are sheet masks, which provide a seal between your skin and the environment, and adhere the ingredients closest to your skin.

5 Reasons to Apply a Face Mask Right Now


Face masks don’t just offer results that improve the overall appearance of your skin, they can also be quite therapeutic. When they’re infused with aromatic essential oils like mint and rosemary, a face mask can lift your spirit by stimulating your senses. Using a face mask should be treated as a luxury. Set aside a bit of “me” time when you decide to give yourself a mask. Draw a hot bath, light some candles and let the magic of the mask begin to work. You’ll be drawn into a wonderful, sensory experience that will not only relax the mind and spirit but will also leave you with fabulous looking skin.

Deep cleansing

Sure, cleansing each day helps to clean your skin by removing dirt, oil, makeup and impurities from the surface of the skin. But did you know that proper masking takes the cleansing process to a whole new level? Only a good facial mask can help to draw out impurities that hide beneath the top layers of the epidermis. Some people say that their skin goes through a “detoxing” when they use a mask, because they actually notice the changes in the skin while this is happening. Masks are incredible at providing this deeper cleansing process, which leads to an improvement in the appearance of pores that you can see and feel. Who doesn’t love that?

Unclog pores

Masking with a product that contains Bentonite clay helps to remove dirt and absorb excess oils. It’ll also help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells that accumulate on our skin. When you remove all the debris from the surface of your skin, it’ll help to unclog pores, too. We all know that clogged pores are nothing but trouble. Yucky stuff gets trapped in your pores and gets pushed deep down into the pore where bacteria can develop. Once that bacteria starts to grow it’s all over for our skin, because we will soon get a blemish, a flurry of breakouts or even one giant pimple that will wreak havoc on our life for several days. Regular face masks help to keep your skin surface clean and our pores unclogged. This is an excellent reason to use your face mask right now.

Glowing skin

Masks, especially those with tingly mint in the formulation, can help stimulate blood circulation. The process of the mask drying on your skin and beginning to harden, along with the removal of the mask, causes an expansion in the blood vessels in your skin. This ensures an overall improvement in skin tone. You’ll be left with softer-feeling and smoother-looking skin, and you’ll also notice a radiant glow and more refreshed appearance. So, relax, feel the tingle, breathe in the minty aroma and wait for your skin transformation.

Helps your overall regimen

Masking helps all of your other skin care products work more efficiently. If you want your day lotions, serums and nighttime products to be absorbed by your skin quicker and deeper, then a face mask is a must. By masking on a regular basis, you can ensure that your toning, hydrating and protecting products will all perform better, providing you with the results you’re looking to achieve at a much faster pace.

Apply a Face Mask in 5 Simple Steps

    Step 1: Be prepared to make a mess. If you’re going to apply a face mask while relaxing in the tub, you don’t have to worry about making a mess. You can cover your face, neck and throat and just relax. If you don’t have time for a bath, then take the time to pull back your hair so it’s not near your face. Be sure to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting messy. Chances are, you’ll make a bit of a mess when you use a mask. But, hey, that’s the fun of it all.

    Step 2: I always recommend starting with a freshly cleansed face. Use your daily cleanser to remove all of the surface dirt, oils and makeup before you apply your mask. This will help to ensure that you receive all of the benefits your face mask was designed to deliver.

    Step 3: Using damp hands, apply your mask directly onto your damp skin. Remember, it’s called a face mask for a reason. You should look like you’re wearing a mask when you put it on. Never rub the mask directly into your skin. It should be applied like frosting on a cupcake. Be sure to avoid the eye area, keep your nostrils clear and extend the mask from your face, down your neck and throat. Nothing worse then a young looking face and an old wrinkly neck, right? I always treat my neck as an extension of my face.

    Step 4:  Just wait. You can use this 10 minutes to relax, style your hair, check your email—whatever you want. Just be conscientious of the time and follow the directions. If the directions say you should leave on for up to 15 minutes, then that’s what you need to do. Just don’t leave your face mask on for 20 or 30 minutes. The product benefits are tied to the directions for usage. Be sure to follow them exactly.

    Step 5:  It’s time to remove the mask. Masks are designed to adhere to your skin. You don’t want to be too rough when removing it. Use plenty of water and a wash cloth to gently wash away the mask. Pat, don’t rub, your skin dry with a towel.

It doesn’t get any easier than that when it comes to using a mask.

Top Tips for a Happy Face Mask Experience

Beauty Tip 1: Before applying your face mask, dab a small amount of eye gel or eye cream around the eyes. This will help to protect this very delicate area from dehydration.

Beauty Tip 2: When your face mask mask has dried and it’s time to come off, simply place a warm, wet washcloth over your face and hold it onto your skin for a few seconds. Repeat this a few times to help loosen up and dissolve the face mask from your skin. This tip will make the rinsing off process much easier and gentler for your skin.

How Does A Face Mask Work- Everyone should introduce masking into their skin care regimen, if they haven’t done so already. For just a few (relaxing) minutes a day, your skin will go through a noticeable transformation that you can see and feel. You may look silly doing it, but that makes it all the more fun.


7 Heaven Face Mask

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557 Heaven Face Mask - I am a huge fan of doing face masks at home. It’s a great way to treat yourself to a little spa action while saving a pretty penny skipping the actual spa, while staying in your pajama pants all Sunday! I’ve tried all sort of face masks for moisturizing, oil-reducing, antioxidant infusing–you name it, I’ve probably tried it, but one brand that I always end up revisiting for their super fun variety of choices is 7th Heaven, formerly known as Montagne Jeunesse. If you haven’t heard of them before, you may recognize the packaging at your local ULTA or Walmart because they come in bright, colorful, one-time use packets that are affordable enough to buy several at a time!

7th Heaven Masks are natural, cruelty-free, safe for all skin types, and come from a 30 year history of creating phenomenal masks that everyone ends up loving. They are also Leaping Bunny certified! Although I was already a big fan of the brand, I was sent a few masks that I haven’t tried yet and happily tested them out over the course of two weeks so I could share with you guys!
7 heaven face mask
7 heaven face mask

7th-heaven-tea tree peel off face mask review by my beauty bunny

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The first one I tried was the Tea Tree Peel Off mask because one, I’ve got some pregnancy pimples that need some help and two, peel off masks are some of my favorite to use. This mask promises to clear and calm the skin within 20-25 minutes for a fresh feel. Tea tree is widely known for its acne-fighting properties and witch hazel helps tone the pores.  I decided to use the mask after my shower on a freshly clean (and steamed face). After applying I watched some TV and allowed the mask to dry and do its work. After that–the fun part–peeling it off! I know I can’t be the only one who tries to peel their masks off in one piece and examine it for evidence of large pore holes, right? My skin felt nice and clean and I liked knowing my pregnancy acne got a gentle treatment to help heal those pesky pimples I’ve got around my chin. 7th Heaven recommends this mask be used on oily, combo or normal skin types.
7 heaven face mask

7th-heaven-black seaweed peel off masque review by my beauty bunny

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The second mask I used was their Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque because one, it’s a peel off mask, and two, this one looked pitch black! Pitch black masks are always fun to walk around the house in! This mask is said to be deep cleansing and helps detoxify the skin by lifting away oil and dirt to reveal healthy, glowing skin. The formula uses Laver Seaweed to detox while Sea Buckthorn is rich in antioxidants and heals the skin. Sea Salt is also incorporated into the mask for additional detoxifying benefits. I made a habit of trying these masks after the shower on my freshly washed and scrubbed face for maximum benefits. I absolutely love this one and will definitely be picking up more since the ones sent to me are all gone. I successfully peeled this mask off in one sheet and felt soft, clean skin underneath. I followed with a hyaluronic acid serum and a facial oil for some added moisture. This mask works for all skin types: oily, dry, combo and normal.

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7th-heaven-argan oil mud mask review by my beauty bunny

Next on the list was the Argan Oil Mud mask recommended for combo and oily skin types. Argan oil is known to hydrate and balance the skin with the combination of aloe vera and rosehip oil. Kaolin, bentonite and Mediterranean clays deeply cleanses the pores and revives tired skin. Sounds like a good combo to me! Make my pores clean and perk up my skin 7th Heaven, I need it! Sometimes I worry that mud masks will dry me out by sucking out too much oil leaving my skin tight and itchy. With this mask that was not the case. I waited for the mask to dry about 15 minutes and washed it off to find baby soft skin again. Who doesn’t love baby soft skin? I know I do!

I kinda had a feeling this would be a raving post about the brand, I mean, I’ve been using this brand for years and have never been disappointed. They’ve always caught my eye in stores because of the cute packaging and I’ve always been able to afford these since I was a teen. If you haven’t tried these out, make sure to grab one or two next time your at ULTA. You’ll love them, promise! 

To find out more about 7th Heaven, you can check out their website to see ALL the masks they make but I would also suggest following them on their social media accounts for updates and added information! 7th Heaven on Facebook  7th Heaven on Instagram 7th Heaven on Twitter
7 Heaven Face Mask - You can see my regularly updated list of cruelty free brands here!66

How To Make A Face Mask For Pimples

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55How To Make A Face Mask For Pimples - According to AmericanChronicle, acne scarring forms just as any other type of injury creates scars. Factors such as skin type, genetics and age all play a part in how prominent a scar will be. Acne scars will either be raised--called keloids--or depressed. Keloids are the formation of a growth of scar tissues. Depressed scars are more common and are named by the shape of their depressions such as ice pick, boxcar or rolling scars. PIH--post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation--is the body's process of natural repair. This will last up to two years after the initial scarring.

Step 1

Measure out two parts water, one part oatmeal. Mix in a cooking pot. Oatmeal will cleanse the skin of oil and exfoliate the pores.

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Think you’re hardcore -- or that you have a hard core? Prove it! These 41…

Step 2

Heat the pot over medium to low heat. Add the juice of a lemon while stirring. Lemon juice is a natural bleach that will help fade the acne scars.
Step 3

Take the pot off of the stove and allow the ingredients to cool. Mix in a generous amount of manuka honey. The antibacterial composition of the honey combined with its ability to create an air tight seal, accelerate the healing process in new wounds and scarring when applied topically.

Step 4

Apply the face mask and leave it on for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

Step 5

Rinse off the mask. Gently dry your face with a towel and apply a moisturizer with a sunscreen.


It is very difficult to find medical evidence to support the claims that home remedies such as honey, lemon and oatmeal are effective for treating acne scars. It is generally agreed that more research needs to be performed before such claims can be made.

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Always consult your doctor or dermatologist before beginning a home remedy such as this. They may recommend an over-the-counter product or a prescription medicine if scars do not improve.


Cinnamon can also be added during the cooking process. Honey can be put on a dressing and applied directly to scarred area, to save on mess.

Always add honey after the oatmeal has cooled. The heat can break down the anti-microbial properties of the honey.

Use a medicinal honey like Manuka as many supermarket honeys have lost their healing qualities through processing.

Lemon juice can increase skin photo sensitivity, therefore it is important to wear a moisturizer with high SPF after applying this mask.

Things You'll Need

    Measuring cup

    Wooden spoon



    Manuka honey



When getting acne, you will easily have to suffer from ugly and stubborn scars because they are like any type of injury. Accordingly, getting blur or deep scars depends on your skin type, according to the genetics and age. Evenly, if you care for the acned skin improperly, it will leave the keloid scars on your skin.

How To Make A Face Mask For Pimples

Keloids are the formation of the scar tissue growth. And these scars can cause you to feel unconfident. Therefore, if you wish these lumpy scars disappear in a short time, you need to follow the following skin care tips and apply these recipes for homemade face masks for acne scars.

1.  Cucumber Mask

One of the most effective face masks for acne scars is cucumber mask. It’s a great natural remedy used in a lot of Asian and Middle Eastern countries to help cool and calm the skin.  In her book “Natural Beauty Secrets from India”, Author Roshni Dayal explains that cucumber juice acts as an astringent. Astringents can aid in lightening the appearance of acne and acne scars, hence making them less noticeable. Due to its natural anti-inflammatory compounds, cucumber can refresh, hydrate, tone and lighten your skin. Plus, cucumbers aid in getting rid of oil and dirt from the skin.  To make a face mask with cucumber, you can do as follows:
How To Make A Face Mask For Pimples


– 1 cucumber

– 1 tbsp of yogurt


– You need to peel and puree the cucumber and add 1 tbsp of yogurt to it.

– Then, apply this mask to your face for about 15 minutes. Finally, rinse off with the help of cold water.

Read on: 9 Best Ways To Use Cucumber For Treating Acne

2. Aloe Vera Face Mask

face masks for acne scars - aloe vera face mask

Aloe vera not only helps lessen stretch marks but also treats acne scars effectively. Aloe vera contains numerous properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, astringent, coagulating operator and pain inhibitor, invigorating cell development and scar decreasing property which helps to cure the acne and acne scars successfully and naturally. Aloe Vera has hormones called polysaccharides and gibberellins and it likewise works as anti-bacterial which aids in killing the microbes that bring on acne. It also helps eliminates whiteheads and blackheads. Furthermore, it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of acne scars. Follow these step by step instructions below to make this mask:
How To Make A Face Mask For Pimples


– Pure lemon juice

– 100% Aloe Vera gel


– Firstly, add lemon juice and aloe vera gel to a blender.

– Next, blend for 1 minute and apply the mask to your face and let it sit for.

– After about 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water and moisturize your face by using a moisturizer

– Store the remaining in a cool place and repeat use of this face mask up to three days per week.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Mask

face masks for acne scars - apple cider vinegar mask

This is also one of the best face masks for acne scars you should try at home. In order to make this mask, you need to prepare four ingredients including apple cider vinegar, green tea, honey, and sugar. Apple cider vinegar consists of the alpha hydroxyl acids, which will unclog the skin pores to help remove the dirt, stuck bacteria and excess oil as absorbing. Besides, apple vinegar is useful in restoring PH level of the skin, treating blemishes as well as closing your pores. Honey contains moisturizing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, all of which make honey become an excellent ingredient for acne scars. Plus, honey can act well for skin redness and inflammation due to acnes and pimples thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Green tea is full of antioxidants which can assist you to combat harmful free radicals and offer you a bright, flawless, and younger skin. The last ingredient is sugar and it contains glycolic acid, which eliminates dead skin and enhances cell regeneration.
How To Make A Face Mask For Pimples


– 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

– 2 tsp of green tea

– 5 tbsp of sugar

– 1 tsp of honey


– At first, pour the apple cider vinegar in one bowl and add the green tea into this bowl. Later mix it with 5 tbsp of sugar. Lastly, add the honey in that bowl.

– Now stir this mixture in that bowl until it turns a thick consistent paste.

– apply this paste with a cotton pad on your skin. Gently massage it for a couple of minutes to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation to your skin.

– Keep this mask on for around 15 minutes prior to rinsing it off with the help of lukewarm water. Follow this mask once or twice per week to see visible results.

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4. Avocado And Honey Face Mask

face masks for acne scars - avocado and honey face mask

You also should not ignore this awesome mask when you look for the most effective face masks for acne scars. Avocado contains vitamin C that stimulates collagen and enhances the firmer skin. It also comprises of contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fighting agents. This face mask helps to repair dry skin and prevent acne causing bacteria. Experts indicate that acne blemishes are caused by inflammation; anti-inflammatory agents packed in honey will decrease inflammation, hence treating pimples.


– 1 tbsp of raw honey

– 2 mashed avocadoes

– 1 tbsp of cocoa powder

Method How To Make A Face Mask For Pimples

– In a small bowl, mix well mashed avocados, honey and cocoa powder.

– Later apply the mixture to the face and leave it on for around 20 minutes.

– Rinse the mixture off by using warm water and follow up with applying a moisturizer

– Repeat this mask at least one time a week.66

How To Make A Face Mask With Eggs Update

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55How To Make A Face Mask With Eggs - Egg white has been used in face mask recipes since ancient times, especially in Asia, to achieve beautiful radiant skin. You can make a mask with egg white alone, or you can add in other powerful ingredients to provide more nourishing benefits to your skin.

Here are three simple, skin-friendly egg white face masks, coupled with other valuable kitchen ingredients, for healthy, blemish-free skin:

How To Make A Face Mask With Eggs

1. Acne-Busting Egg White Face Mask

This pimple-fighting face mask has three powerhouse ingredients that you can find in every kitchen. It’s simple to make and super inexpensive; you simply can’t afford to miss the numerous benefits!


  •     1 egg white
  •     1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  •     ½ teaspoon of honey
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Now let's take a look at the benefit of each of the extra ingredients in this face mask:
  • Ingredient
  • Importance in face mask
  • Honey
Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Also a wonderful moisturizer and skin-lightening agent.
Lemon juice
Powerful astringent that fights off acne-causing bacteria. Lightens skin and reduces discoloration.


In a clean mixing bowl, whisk together the egg white and lemon juice until the mixture becomes frothy. The lemon juice masks the odour of the egg white. Add ½ teaspoon of honey and stir well.

Wash your face with warm water to open up your pores. Using clean hands or a cotton ball, apply the mixture onto your face, avoiding the sensitive areas around your mouth and eyes.

Relax yourself as you wait for the mixture to settle and dry on your face. You can lie down and breathe deeply, thinking happy thoughts!
How To Make A Face Mask With Eggs

Keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes. When the mixture has completely dried on your face, gently scrub it off using warm water, tackling all areas of your face in a circular motion. Pat dry with a towel and marvel at the smooth feel of your skin!

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When applying the mixture, work upwards from your chin to your cheeks and then to your forehead using a gentle circular motion.

Avoid the sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth. The skin in those areas is drier and, if stretched by this tightening mask, can become wrinkled.

This wonderful mask is very effective in getting rid of excess face oils. If you have dry skin, please refrain from using this drying and tightening face mask. Instead, try out an egg yolk face mask recipe.

2. Skin-Lightening Egg White Face Mask

Pamper yourself with this skin-lightening egg white face mask. This recipe uses turmeric, a root herb that has amazing skin-lightening properties that help even out the discolorations and dark spots caused by acne!


    1 teaspoon orange juice
    1 egg white
    1 teaspoon turmeric powder

Before we move on to how to make the mask, let's check out the importance of each of the other added ingredients:

Importance in face mask

Reduces dark spots caused by acne and evens out discolorations.
Orange Juice
Tones skin.


Place the egg white and orange juice in a small mixing bowl and whisk until it becomes frothy.

Add in turmeric powder and mix thoroughly. Make sure the mixture is not too drippy.

Using clean hands, apply the mixture to your face and massage in a circular motion, allowing it to sink deep into your skin. Keep it on for 15 minutes while you lie down to prevent gravity from pulling the mask downward.
How To Make A Face Mask With Eggs

When the time is up, gently scrub off the dried mask from your face and apply moisturizer. A perfect natural moisturizer is 3-4 drops of olive oil.


Wear an old t-shirt over your clothes to prevent yellow stains from turmeric, which can be quite hard to wash off.

This egg white mask can be quite drying, so it’s best to apply olive oil to your skin after washing it off.

Refrain from talking or smiling with the mask on because stretching the tight skin may cause wrinkles to appear.
How To Make A Face Mask With Eggs

3. Hydrating Egg White Face Mask

Who says egg whites are only for those with oily, acne-prone skin? This hydrating egg white mask is great for people with dry skin, too! It contains potent ingredients such as avocado, a food packed with numerous vitamins and healthy fats, which are perfect for hydrating and moisturizing your skin to make it supple, soft, and smooth. The egg white will feed your skin with nourishing nutrients such as protein and riboflavin.


    1 egg white
    ¼ ripe avocado
    1 teaspoon yogurt

Let's have a look at the benefit of the extra ingredients in this face mask:

Benefit for skin
Hydrates and moisturizes skin, creating a youthful glow.
Contains live cultures, which eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Nourishes dry, flaky skin, back into soft, supple, and youthful skin.


Using a fork, mash the avocado until it turns into a lump-free paste.
Add the egg white and yogurt and mix well.
Apply a thick coat of the mixture onto your face with clean fingers and sit for about 15 minutes.
Wash off the mask with lukewarm water when the time is up, and pat your face dry with a towel. Enjoy the look of your moisturized skin!

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Use a ripe avocado so that it is easier to mash it into a lump-free paste. You can also freeze, then thaw it before mashing to make things easier. If you have a blender, use it instead of a fork to quickly and efficiently blend the avocado into a lump-free puree.

Use plain, unsweetened yogurt with live cultures when making this face mask.

To avoid a drippy mess, ensure that you apply the face mask over your bathroom or kitchen sink.

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Want to have healthy glowing skin without paying for expensive face products? Good news! You can make a fantastic face mask using ingredients you likely already have in your fridge. The egg white, lemon, and honey mask will help reduce blackhead and acne while the egg yolk, olive oil, and banana mask will help moisturize and nourish your skin. Read this article to learn how to make both!


Ingredients for a Simple Mask

    1 egg white
    2 teaspoons lemon juice
    ½ tablespoon honey

Ingredients for a Nourishing Mask

    1 egg yolk
    1 banana, mashed
    2 teaspoons olive oil or coconut oil

Method 1 Making a Simple Mask

1. Separate the Egg. Crack an egg over a bowl, and transfer the yolk from shell to shell. Each time you transfer the yolk, a little bit of the egg white should flow into the bowl. Keep doing this until all of the egg white is in the bowl. The egg white not only help nourish and firm your skin, but it will also help tighten the pores[1] Discard the egg yolk or save it for another recipe.

You can use the egg yolk to make a nourishing face mask. Refer to the section in this article on making a nourishing face mask to learn how.

2. Add lemon juice to the egg white. You will need 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. The lemon juice will act as a natural astringent and help get rid of the acne and blackhead-causing bacteria. It may also help lighten your skin.[2]

3. Mix the egg white and lemon juice. Using a fork, rapidly whisk the two ingredients until the egg white becomes foamy and frothy.

4. Add the honey to the egg white and lemon juice, and mix everything again. You will need ½ tablespoon of honey. Make sure that it is the translucent, runny type. Honey is antibacterial and acts as a natural antiseptic. It is also moisturizing and helps replenish the skin.[3]

5. Prepare your face for the mask by washing it with warm water. This will open up your pores, which will improve the effectiveness of the mask. Since this mask has a tendency to get very messy, you can also pull your hair back into a ponytail, braid it, or pin it back. This will prevent it from getting sticky.

To protect your clothes, consider draping a towel over your chest and shoulders.

6. Apply the mask to your face. You can use your fingers, a cotton ball, or even a cloth. Avoid the areas around your nose, mouth, and eyes.

7. Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. This mask is runny and may drip down your face. To prevent yourself from getting too messy, consider laying down or sitting back in a chair with your head tilted back.

You can also use this mask in the bathtub while you are taking a relaxing bath.

8. Wash the mask off and pat your face dry. Use lukewarm water and splash it onto your face. Gently wash the mask off and avoid scrubbing your face too hard. Use a soft, clean towel to pat your face dry.

9. Consider following up with some moisturizer. The lemon in this mask may be a little drying for your skin. If you find that your face is a little dry, apply some moisturizer to your face.

Method 2 Making a Nourishing Mask

1. Separate the egg and save the yolk. Crack open an egg over a bowl and transfer the yolk back and forth between the two shells. Each time the yolk falls into a shall, a little bit of the egg white should fall into the bowl. Keep doing this until all of the egg white is in the bowl. Save the egg yolk and discard the egg white (or save it for another recipe). Egg yolks not only help nourish and moisturize your skin, but they may also help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

You can use the egg white to make a simple face mask. To learn how to make one, refer to the section in this article on making a simple mask.

2. Add a mashed up banana to the egg yolk. Peel a banana open, and cut it to smaller pieces with a knife. Use a fork to mash it to a pulp. The banana will help nourish your face.

3. Add the olive oil or coconut oil. You will need 2 teaspoons of olive oil. The olive oil will moisturize your face, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. If you do not have olive oil, you can use coconut oil instead, which is also very moisturizing.

4. Prepare for the mask by washing your face and tying your hair back. Use warm water to help open up your pores. If you are wearing makeup, you will need to take it off using makeup remover. As this mask can get messy, it would be a good idea to tie or pin your hair back. You may also want to consider draping a towel over your chest and shoulders to protect your clothes.

5. Apply the mask to your face. You can use your fingers, a cotton ball, or even a cloth. Avoid the areas around your nose, mouth, and eyes.

6. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. To prevent the mask from dripping everywhere, consider laying down or sitting in a comfortable chair with your head tilted back. You can also use this mask in the bathtub while you are soaking or taking a relaxing bath.

7. Wash the mask off and pat your face dry. Use lukewarm water to rinse your face off. How To Make A Face Mask With Eggs- Try not to scrub too hard. Gently pat your face dry with a soft, clean towel. 66