How to Make Cover Video on Facebook Page From Mobile Friendly 2019

You pretty much get one chance to make a good impression when somebody visits your Facebook page And you can do it perfectly with a Facebook Cover Video. Here's how to set it up Welcome to my website Social Media Strategy,  I'll teach you how to do the best possible social media in the least amount of time If this is your first time watching first of all, thank you, welcome and thank you for checking it out. If you've read other article before, but you haven't take a second to share please do. 
So thank you again for all your support Let's get into Facebook Cover Videos Desaign, by the end of this article you'll know how to make a fully optimized Facebook Cover Video including what size it should be and how long it should be. It can take a lot of work to get somebody to your Facebook business page. 
Somebody may have even liked your page and they may even see your posts in their feed, but have never actually visited your page. They may not have liked your page…

3 Best Possible Social Media Scheduler for Small Business Intelligence

One of the biggest ways to save time on your social media is by batching tasks together. Today I'm going to show you three things you can do in groups to save you a ton of time. Welcome to my websites Social Media Strategy. If you've watched our other article, thank you for coming back, and if this is your first time, we teach people how to do the best possible social media in the least amount of time. 
Today is all about batching your tasks. By the end of this article, I'm going to show you 3 different tasks that you, right now, probably waste a ton of time on, but if you group them together, and batch them, you will save hours every month. 
I know that I do, and my clients do, by following these methods. If you stop and think about it, figuring out what to post takes a ton of time. You open Facebook and you think, "Okay, what am I going to post today, let me look for something to share, oh Read at this article!  What is the best social media scheduler? This is cute…

Use of Hashtag in Social Media Marketing | Get 1 Millions Followers

Is hashtagging still a thing? Yes! And you'd be foolish not to use it, let me show you how. What is the deal with hashtags? That's my terrible Seinfeld impression. Welcome to my website Social Media Strategy, where there'll never be a Seinfeld impression again! This is where we teach you how to do the best possible social media, in the least amount of time possible. 
Hashtags, I get asked about a fair bit, and yes they're still a thing. People tend to react when you bring up hashtags, like, "Oh I love them," or, "Ugh, I hate them," or, "What they hell are they?" 
So, let's get into hashtags and where you should be using them. You can find hashtags on almost all the social networks.I see them on LinkedIn, on Pinterest.
But the two main places you should be using them are Twitter, and Instagram. I use them sometimes on Facebook, that's usually just because I want the word to show up blue in a big long thing.  What is the purpose of …

Businesses Post or Personal Page Facebook Marketplace

If you've posted about your business on your personal page, you probably get a lot bigger reaction. So should you just post there? No, you should post both places, yourpersonal page and your business page, but in a very calculated way. Let me explain why. Thank you for visit, where I teach you how to do the best social media, in the least amount of time possible.

If you're a small business owner you probably have at least 2 Facebook pages, you have your personal "profile" page, which is where you keep up with friends & family, and post pictures of your dinner maybe, I don't know, and then you have your business page, and that is where your business is represented on Facebook.

So which one should you post to? And when? Let's start with a little bit of background. Your personal page, or your "profile" as Facebook calls it, is your connection to friends and family. It's all people you know and it is a mutual agreement where you have decided to …

Make More EXTRA Money By Selling LESS | $30.000/Month

Yes, you can make more money on social media by selling less, and I'm going to tell you why right now. Thank you for visit my website, where I teach you how to do the best social media, in the least amount of time possible. Almost every small business that I've consulted asks, almost right away, "Why isn't anyone clicking on my posts?" And my answer? Because they don't like your posts. 
I had one client that was a medspa, where they do Botox injections and things like that, and they couldn't believe that nobody was liking and commenting and calling about their posts about "20% off Botox, today only!" These were great deals so why wouldn't they comment and like these? Well 1) Botox has a little bit of a stigma. "Hillary Smith" isn't going to be like, "Oh, yeah, I love Botox, I'm getting that," because, you know, they keep that to themselves. But, more importantly, all you were doing was selling to them.  How can I…

2 Social Media Site For Business | Best 2019

Number one question is: Which networks are worth posting on? Where should I be? Where should I bother? I mean you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, all these different sources! What is the best social media for small business? Where should you be? Two places. First one? Kind of obvious.  Which social media channels should I use for my business? Facebook
Facebook has sort of become the new website for your business. You gotta have a Facebook page for a lot of demographics to take you seriously. The second network you should be posting on? Whichever one you happen to like. 
Honestly, if you are a Twitter junkie and Twitter is your jam, then do Facebook and Twitter.

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You love Instagram? Facebook and Instagram. Maybe Snapchat is your thing. Maybe you are a LinkedIn person - sometimes I meet those - and LinkedIn should be the other place you are. Basically whatever you li…

Free Tool Gets Instagram Photos To Automatically Show Up On Twitter | Get 1 Millions Followers

Please start having your Instagram photos show up in your Twitter feed instead of that terrible link. Let me show you how - You set it up once, you'll never have to do it again. Thank you for visit my website social media strategie. If you've visit before, thank you for coming back. If not, we're all about teaching you the best social media tactics and how to do them in the least amount of time possible.  How do I get my Instagram photos to show up on twitter? Today: Instagram links on Twitter. They look terrible. Quick social media history: When Instagram first launched, if you selected "Share to Twitter," it would actually show you the image. Well, Twitter and Instagram are not owned by the same company so they're a little (grunting noises), little angry with each other, so it doesn't do that anymore. 
But, you can make it do it. Here's how. So first let me show you what the problem is the way a lot of people do their Instagram shares to Twitter. T…